Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Use These Characters To Crush AI Opponents | Easy Wins Guide

Making progress in Classic Mode or World of Light can be tricky if you’re new to the Smash Bros. franchise. The AI fighters in these Super Smash Bros. Ultimate singleplayer modes can fluctuate between crazy easy and hair-pulling hard. If you’re struggling against the opposition, and want to use a few easy strats to cheese your way to victory, we’ve been digging deep and searching for the best possible moves.

The tricky part is that you’ll need to unlock lots of characters to do this. If you haven’t unlocked everyone I recommend checking out the links below — yes, the fast unlock trick still works — to get all your favorite fighters. I’ve got tips that include basic characters you’ll start with in World of Light and other modes, too. Kirby is a surprisingly powerful fighter, and he’s a great starter character that can completely cheese many AI battles early on.

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Use These Characters To Crush AI Opponents | Easy Wins Guide


When it comes to crushing the AI in World of Light, there are certain tricks you can use to even the odds. Obviously, the first thing you’ll want to do is level up your Primary Spirit and select a spirit that is strong against your opponent.

  • Tip: To easily select a Primary Spirit that’s strong against your opponent, open the Party menu, select your Primary Spirit, and press [Y]. This will automatically select a Spirit type with an advantage.
    • You can do the same for Support Spirits. Select them and press [Y]. It will automatically select any Spirit that will nullify dangerous abilities if you have them available.

To instantly level up your Primary Spirit, feed it snacks. Press [LB] to enter the Quick Level Up menu. You can use cores (collected by dismissing Spirits) or snacks. Start with snacks. The bigger the snack, the more levels your Spirit will gain instantly.

After you’ve leveled up and selected a Spirit with an advantage, it still might not be enough. Whether you need extra help, or just want to crush everything, here are a few simple tactics you can try to cheese the AI.


Kirby is an all-around great character to pick for beginners. He’s also got some great attacks that the AI simply can’t seem to deal with. Even at high-levels, I can get quick KOs with Kirby.

  • [Down+Special]: Kirby’s rock drop is strong enough to instantly launch opponents. It’s also relatively safe — it has armor, and doesn’t flinch from counter-attacks. You’ll still take damage, but until you transform back into Kirby, you can’t be launched.
    • The AI just doesn’t know how to deal with the rock drop. Flutter high over the AI with Kirby’s six jumps, then stomp. Repeat as needed.
  • [Side+Dash+Normal]: Kirby’s burning forward is a simple power that’s usually enough to damage and launch enemies. Kirby has invincibility frames when lunging forward, and the fireball can smash multiple opponents at once. It carries you a good distance, too. So you can launch it and fly straight through any preemptive counterattacks.
  • [Up+Special]: A simple sword uppercut that goes up, then back down. When you land, you launch a short-range sword wave projectile forward. That gives Kirby a whole lot of space to hit opponents. This isn’t the most powerful special, but you can easily swat enemies on the ground or in the sky.

King K. Rool

King K. Rool has one ability that absolutely crushes (most) of the competition. His [Special+Side] and [Special+Neutral] moves are very safe.

  • [Side+Special]
  • [Neutral+Special]
  • [Side+Normal]


When it comes to Classic Mode, Link is one of the best. He can easily defeat most of the enemies with his ranged attacks, and can even defeat Ganon without much of a sweat.

  • [Down+Special]
  • [Side+Special]
  • [Forward / Back + Air + Normal]
  • [Side+Throw]

Check back soon for more strategies, tips and tricks!