Humble Bundle Alerts Data Security Breach

Nothing seems to be concrete and secure online. We have seen plenty of websites and companies announce various online breaches that potentially compromised user information. The latest to be hit was Humble Bundle, a website, and service that tends to offer a number of video game bundles on the cheap. In fact, we have covered this website frequently to alert gamers of new bundles and deals for great video game titles, but if you’re a subscriber to the Humble Bundle monthly service then you will want to be mindful of any unusual emails regarding your account.

As mentioned, this latest breach hit Humble Bundle but it doesn’t appear that any personal or payment information was leaked. Instead, the hackers who managed to get into the system learned of users who subscribe to the monthly Humble Bundle service along with their email address. This means that the users who have the information will be able to send you false email alerts that may resemble something official from Humble Bundle. Ultimately, if you end up going through a few links or sending personal information through the email then you may find yourself with a compromised account.

Humble Bundle has sent out an email alerting their users of the compromise and it’s suggested that you turn on the two-step authorization security system for your account to keep it extra secure. Regardless, you will want to stay vigilant and if you receive an email you’re not entirely sure if it came directly from the Humble Bundle team then you can always reach out to the customer service through their website. This is also a good tip for those who are shopping more online this holiday season with other companies requesting personal information randomly or sending links that may appear to be out of the ordinary.

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