Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Bonus Character Unlock Order | The Complete List

If you’re looking to unlock your favorite character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it was assumed that the challenges would appear at total random. That actually isn’t the case — characters unlock in a specific order, if you’re playing regular Smash versus matches, or fighting through Classic Mode. They appear in the same order every time, and I can confirm it.

Everyone has a favorite character, and even if you’re planning on unlocking every single character in the game — like I totally am — it is nice knowing when you’ll be able to pick-up your old main and continue the smashing without holding anything back. There are a grand total of sixty-eight (68!) unlockable characters, making this a truly insane roster of characters from tons of different franchises. Find out when you’ll get old favorites like Captain Falcon, or new fighters like King K. Rool. Check out the full roster below.

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Bonus haracter Unlock Order | The Complete List

Characters can be unlocked in the following order — these characters will appear as “A New Challenger Approaches!” matches after completing Smash matches or Classic Mode.

They will always appear in this order. If you lose a match, you’ll fight the next character on the last. You can fight the lost fighter in a rematch in “Games & More” –> “Challenger’s Approach”.

  • A New Challenger Approaches! | Character Unlock Order:
    1. Ness [Earthbound]
    2. Zelda [Legend of Zelda]
    3. Bowser [Mario Bros.]
    4. Pit [Kid Icarus]
    5. Inkling [Splatoon]
    6. Villager [Animal Crossing]
    7. Young Link [Legend of Zelda]
    8. Marth [Fire Emblem]
    9. Wii Fit Trainer [Wii Fit]
    10. Ice Climbers [Ice Climber]
    11. Captain Falcon [F-Zero]
    12. Princess Peach [Mario Bros.]
    13. Ryu [Street Fighter]
    14. Ike [Fire Emblem]
    15. Jigglypuff [Pokémon]
    16. King K. Rool [Donkey Kong Country]
    17. Sonic [Sonic The Hedgehog]
    18. Simon Belmont [Castlevania]
    19. Zero Suit Samus [Metroid]
    20. Little Mac [Punchout]
    21. Isabelle [Animal Crossing]
    22. Shulk [Xenoblade Chronicles]
    23. Lucina [Fire Emblem]
    24. Wario [Mario Bros.]
    25. Ridley [Metroid]
    26. Pokémon Trainer [Pokémon]
    27. Lucario [Pokémon]
    28. Princess Daisy [Mario Bros.]
    29. Roy [Mario Bros.]
    30. King Dedede [Kirby]
    31. R.O.B. [R.O.B. The Robot]
    32. Falco [Starfox]
    33. Luigi [Mario Bros.]
    34. Pichu [Pokémon]
    35. Richter Belmont [Castlevania]
    36. Lucas [Mother 3]
    37. Diddy Kong [Donkey Kong Country]
    38. Meta Knight [Kirby]
    39. Solid Snake [Metal Gear Solid]
    40. Ganon [Legend of Zelda]
    41. Corrin [Fire Emblem]
    42. Mega Man [Mega Man]
    43. Bayonetta [Bayonetta]
    44. Toon Link [Legend of Zelda]
    45. Princess Rosalina and Luma [Mario Bros.]
    46. Inceniroar [Pokémon]
    47. Sheik [Legend of Zelda]
    48. Olimar [Pikmin]
    49. Pac-Man [Pac-Man]
    50. Dark Samus [Metroid]
    51. Starwolf [Starfox]
    52. Game & Watch [Game & Watch]
    53. Robin [Fire Emblem]
    54. Dark Pit [Kid Icarus]
    55. Cloud [Final Fantasy 7]
    56. Duck Hunt [Duck Hunt]
    57. Ken [Street Fighter]
    58. Greninja [Pokémon]
    59. Mewtwo [Pokémon]
    60. Bowser Jr. [Mario Bros.]
    61. Chrom [Fire Emblem]
    62. Dr. Mario [Dr. Mario]
    63. Palutena [Kid Icarus]

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