Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 20 Tips To Help You Beat World of Light | Spirits Mode Guide

World of Light is a surprisingly expansive singleplayer mode included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — it’s a wholly new experience, with its own unique mechanics you’ll need to learn if you want to succeed. It’s so huge, it only makes sense to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve picked up while playing through this gargantuan map.

And there’s still a lot I need to learn. If you’ve just started Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and need help understanding the many, many layers of World of Light, we’re here to help. Even veterans of Smash Bros. are struggling to tackle some of the tougher challenges — with the right loadout, and the right Skills, this mode can be a breeze. Even after 10 hours, you’ll start to discover new features like the in-game unlockable shop, or Exploration adventures. We’re going to try to explain everything you need to know.

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#1: There’s Always Another Route If You Can’t Win

Stuck on a fight? There’s always another direction you can go. If you find yourself facing a 4-Star Legendary Spirit, there’s no shame in trying to find an alternate route with less-difficult opponents. Even if there’s only one route into a location, there are always other paths you can walk to unlock useful new Spirits.

#2: Use Your Skill Points To Improve Hyper Smash / Final Smash Attacks First

Skill points are a new addition to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. You’ll earn them in battle, and you can spend them to improve all of your World of Light characters. The bonuses are global — but they don’t work outside of World of Light. There are plenty of options when you first start, but I recommend going for these three skills first — Hyper Smash Attacks, Fast Final Smash Charge, and Double Final Smash.

#3: Get More Rewards By Fighting At A Disadvantage

All your Primary Spirits have two stats you need to know — their core (fighting, grappling, shield, etc) and their level. Each Spirit can level up, and that little number is a lot more important than you might realize.

When fighting enemy spirits, check their spirit level first. To get the most rewards, you want to fight slightly below their level. If you fight an enemy spirit with a higher level spirit, you’ll get fewer rewards at the end — you’ll get more snacks, Skill Points, and Spirit Points if you fight fair.

  • NOTE: Here’s an important tip — select a Primary Spirit from the same franchise as your Fighter for a huge stat bonus. You’ll get an increase of 15%-20%. If you’re struggling, swap so your Fighter and Primary Spirit are from the same franchise of games.

#4: Study The Pre-Fight Screen Carefully To See Multiple Opponents

Be sure to check the top-right corner of the enemy spirit screen before selecting your party. From here, you can see how many opponents you’ll have to fight, if they have minions or CPU helpers, and how tough they are. Generally, a fight against multiple opponents is going to be way more tough than a solo spirit. I recommend selecting your toughest spirits and out-leveling the enemy when you’re outnumbered, and choosing to play fair when the odds are better — in a one-versus-one fight, for example.

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