Just Cause 4: Transform Everyone Into Cattle With The Cow Gun | Easter Egg Guide

Just Cause 4 is a very weird game. Dig deep enough, and you can find yourself one of the silliest video game guns in existence — yes, there is a Cow Gun. The Cow Gun doesn’t just turn Rico Rodriguez into a living, breathing, and flying cow; it also turns enemies into cows. There’s even an achievement / trophy for all this silliness. Transform 10 Black Hand thugs into cows, and you’ll unlock the ‘Cow-Moo-Flage‘ achievement / trophy.

The Cow Gun is a cow-patterned rifle you can use to change literally anyone into a cow. Civilians, soldiers, and allies are all free targets for your bovine blaster. Nothing is safe. The challenge is just acquiring it. No, you don’t need to do anything special — just head to the right location, pick it up, and the Cow Gun is all your’s. You’re free to transform an entire herd.

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Transform Everyone Into Cattle With The Cow Gun | Easter Egg Guide


To get the Cow Gun, drop down into the Vaivanes region, in the southwest edge of the island map. Drop down to the farm (shown in the image above) and you’ll find the Cow Gun on the porch. The farm is located just north of the base smack in the center of the region.

The gun can’t actually kill anyone. Shooting people turns them into brown cows, complete with a cow bell sound effect whenever you chance someone. They go about their lives normally — as a cow, they still do human things. Stand up like a human, play music like a human, drive cars, shoot Rico, etc.

  • To transform yourself into a cow, just use alternate fire. There’s no reason to do this. It’s just fun.

Now, you can travel to any Black Hand base and shoot ten soldiers. Score ten cow-transformations on those Black Hand bad guys, and you’ll earn yourself the ‘Cow-Moo-Flage‘ achievement / trophy.