Just Cause 4: All Easter Egg Locations | Jurassic Park, A-Ha Video & More

The map in Just Cause 4 features a few more Easter eggs than we first suspected, so instead of writing up individual articles for each incoming secret, we’ve put together a comprehensive list. Below, you’ll find entries on each Easter eggs, and a map marking all the locations we’ve found so far. There are plenty of extra secrets to uncover — including a Jurassic Park cage, an A-Ha music video tribute, and a return of the Mile High Club.

Just Cause 4 continues the adventures of Rico Rodriguez as he destroys everything in his path. Turning his attention to the island nation of Solaris, Rico fights the returning Black Hand mercenary company, and contends with massive weather-manipulating machines. Giant tornadoes, destructive super-storms, and more appear all around the map, and using them to your advantage can rapidly wipe out entire bases of bad guys. For such a ridiculous game, it’s really no surprise it’s full of Easter eggs.

All Easter Egg Locations

There six major Easter eggs you can find scattered around the map in Just Cause 4. Check the locations on the map for a general area to search — and find more details in the entries below.

The locations: Jurassic Park [Top-Right], Mile High Club [Top-Center], Bennet Foddy Minigame [Center], Remote Control Car [Right-Center], A-Ha [Bottom-Left: Upper], Cow Gun [Bottom-Left: Lower]
Jurassic Park – The Dinosaur Enclosure

You can find this ruined dinosaur cage that looks suspiciously similar to the raptor feeding pens from the first Jurassic Park movie. The enclosure itself is located in the northeastern corner of the map.

Mile High Club – Mountain Peak

Found in the top-center area of the map, the Mile High Club returns from Just Cause 2. Instead of a flying club, this is just a normal club built into the side of a very, very tall mountain.

Bennet Foddy’s Getting Over It – Minigame

Found on a small peak near the starting region. Fly to the black pot, and interact to unlock a unique minigame patterned after the streaming hit ‘Bennet Foddy’s Getting Over It’. It’s a weird little physics game, where you’ll need to climb through a random assortment of objects. Just play it and you’ll see. If you manage to reach the end, you’ll get a tiny fireworks show.

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Remote Control Car – It’s Really Small

On the east coast city, you can find an extremely tiny car to drive around in. It’s in a back-alley area of Quya, behind some trash. It’s a great little speedster, even if it looks ridiculous.

A-Ha Video Tribute 

Head into the southern city of Abundancia and explore a tall building marked on the map. You’ll discover a stark-white building with white scribble lines — it’s a tribute to the “Take On Me” video! Except, well, you’re living in it.

Cow Gun – Bovine Blaster

Found in a farm at the location marked on the map above, the Cow Gun is a hilarious Easter egg weapon that doesn’t just transform enemies into cows — it will also change Rico himself into a herd animal.

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We’re still on the search for Easter eggs! If we find more, we’ll add them to the list.