Resident Evil 2 Remake Rating Reveals Microtransactions

The Resident Evil franchise is a staple to the survival horror genre. Over the years gamers have been fighting off zombies and genetically modified monsters. Each game feels like we’re getting close to the collapse of the civilized world as you investigate the area and attempt to stop those responsible from unleashing the virus. However, until recently, the franchise has changed from a survival horror experience to action horror. There was less focus on solving puzzles and conserving ammunition. Instead, Capcom seemed to unleash hell for you to fight back against with relative ease but with the latest release of Resident Evil 7, the franchise has regained its old roots.

Now to go on with this experience of classic survival horror, Capcom is bringing back Resident Evil 2. This is nothing new as Capcom revealed their intentions of remaking Resident Evil 2 a few years ago and it was during E3 2018 that we got a real glimpse into the remake. There have been a few changes to the game such as opting to mechanics first featured in Resident Evil 4. Regardless, the narrative seems to be the same as players will follow Leon, a rookie officer, and a college student named Claire who are stuck in Raccoon City during the outbreak.

Visually, this game looks to remain creepy with a dark atmosphere leaving you on the edge of your seat. Recently the ESRB rating came out and it’s not surprising to find that the game would come with a mature rating. But what was surprising is the reveal of microtransactions. We’re not sure just what these will be used for as no details were given by the ESRB rating and Capcom has yet to make any official announcement.

Seeing how Capcom is aiming to provide gamers with a classic survival horror experience than most online speculation is suggesting that these microtransactions could be aimed more towards cosmetic items but for now, we’ll have to wait and see. For now we know that Resident Evil 2 will be releasing on January 25, 2019, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms.


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