Darksiders 3: How To Beat All 7 Deadly Sins | Bosses Guide [VIDEO]

The 7 Deadly Sins are on a rampage, and it’s your job in Darksiders 3 to hunt them all down. These massive boss battles are the main attraction, and taking them down isn’t so easy if you aren’t prepared. Each one is more grotesque (and tough) than the last, and we’ve got video guides for all of them. If you’re stuck, or just want to check out these personifications of evil for yourself, scroll down for all the coverage we’ve got.

Darksiders 3 changes the formula. Instead of taking inspiration from the Legend of Zelda, you’re now fighting monsters and exploring a post-apocalyptic Earth in the Dark Souls style. You have stamina, enemies are tough, and bosses are roadblocks. You’ll collect souls and spend them to upgrade your hero, and you can find rare chunks of crafting material to make your weapons stronger. It’s all very similar to Dark Souls — definitely in the difficulty department.

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How To Beat All 7 Deadly Sins | All Bosses Guide

There might be Seven Deadly Sins, but there are actually eight unique boss battles in Darksiders 3 — and that’s only counting the main bosses.

You can also encounter an optional boss in the final area of the game — look for a hidden path, accessible from a wind tunnel in the mining area called the Scar. From here, you can reach a hidden tower with an old friend waiting for you. If you choose to fight him, you’ll get a challenging optional fight.

Boss #1: Envy

Boss #2: Wrath

Boss #3: Avarice

Boss #4: Sloth

Boss #5: Lust

Boss #6: Gluttony

Boss #7: Wrath (Rematch)

Boss #8: Pride

Boss #9: Final Boss