Darksiders 3: All Essence Of A Chosen Locations | Fully Upgraded Enhancements Guide

To fully upgrade your enhancements and get the best boosts for your slotted weapons, you’ll need to find rare (and limited) ‘Essence Of A Chosen’ in Darksiders 3. There are only six locations in the game, and getting them usually requires fighting a miniboss enemy in an optional area. Here, we’re going to break down where to find all six material locations to make your life easier.

Finding at least five and using them to fully upgrade five enhancements will earn you the ‘Balance in all Things’ achievement / trophy — it makes sense, because the top level for every enhancement is called ‘Balanced’ — and Balance is a big thing in the Darksiders 3 universe. Each of these items is guarded by a miniboss with a name and health bar, so if you’re ever struggling to defeat one of these guys, check out some of the guides below. You can fully upgrade your weapons, or just return later when you’ve leveled up.

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All Essence Of A Chosen Locations | Fully Upgraded Enhancements Guide

There are six ‘Essence Of A Chosen’ items available in Darksiders 3. The item is required to fully upgrade any enhancement. One can be purchased from the vendor after defeating the first six Deadly Sins. The other five drop from special minibosses.

  • Essence Location #1: Hollows, Molten Cave – Backtrack down the stairs and cross the lowered shortcut bridge. Go up the stairs to the left, then go left again to reach a hidden door. Use the crawlspace to reach a switch to open the secret door. Go inside and fight the miniboss.
  • Essence Location#2: Haven, West End – Enter the parking garage and use the Stasis Hollow to climb the elevator shaft. At the top, use the Force Hollow spiderball to roll across the gap. Defeat the miniboss inside to get the essence.
  • Essence Location #3: Bonelands, Cargo Ship – Use the Storm Hollow to cross the acid lake. Knock down the squid-platform, and move it left to reach the rooftop. Go inside the building to locate the next miniboss.
  • Essence Location #4: The Depths, Forgotten Lake – Enter the water and sink to the lower-left doorway. In this interior, hit the switches to open the gate. Go inside and float up — once you emerge, use the Force Hollow to climb the crystal wall. Defeat the boss in the arena for the fourth essence.
  • Essence Location #5: Scar – Like all the other collectibles in this area, ride the moving hanging platforms. Jump onto the balcony on the left and drop into the arena.

Fully upgrade five enhancements to unlock the ‘Balance In All Things’ achievement / trophy.