Darksiders 3: All Chunks of Adamantine Locations | Fully Upgraded Weapons Guide

To fully upgrade weapons, you’ll need to find rare Chunks of Adamantine in Darksiders 3. These rare crafting materials are extremely limited — there are only three in the game — and finding all the locations is pretty tricky.

They’re well-hidden, and you’ll have do to a bunch of backtracking to find them. If you’ve got all your Hollows, and you’re nearing the end of the game, you’ll be able to grab all of these and earn the ‘Purity of Power’ achievement / trophy.

Essentially, weapon upgrades are just like Dark Souls. You need to track down rare materials to upgrade — once you reach Level 9, you’ll need one Chunk of Adamantine to reach Level 10. That means you can only fully upgrade three weapons, so pick your favorites before wasting those chunks. They don’t respawn, so you’ve only got once chance.

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All Chunks of Adamantine Locations | Fully Upgraded Weapons Guide

Chunks of Adamantine are rare material that is required to fully upgrade a weapon to Level 10. They’re rare, but absolutely worth tracking down. You only need one chunk to fully upgrade a weapon, but you need to find three to earn the ‘Purity of Power’ achievement / trophy.

  • Adamantine Chunk #1: Haven, North End – Face the church from the Serpent Hole and turn left. Run to the giant root and grapple to the root on the opposite side.
    • Use the Fire Hollow and grapple-swing across two more roots to reach a lonely balcony. There’s a free Level Up (Luminous Visage) on this balcony.
    • Swing again from this balcony, then turn the corner and enter the building. Use the Force Hollow to break through the barrier. You’ll find the Chunk down the stairs inside.
  • Adamantine Chunk #2: Bonelands, Cargo Ship – Cross the acid pool area nearby with the Storm Hollow. On the other side, go left and around to the back of the building with the squid jump-pad. Go to the back-corner of that building and wall-jump up the shaft with the Stasis Hollow.
    • Up here, swap to the Force Hollow and roll across the magnetic surface. At the end, jump across the floating containers in the acid lake and reach the small island with the chunk.
  • Adamantine Chunk #3: Scar – Go up the conveyor belt section in Scar using the Stasis Hollow and reach the moving platforms you can ride. Ride to the end and drop down to the grinders. Use Stasis to freeze the grinders, and slide down. There’s a human collectible on this path.
    • The last Chunk of Adamantine is located down here.