Pokemon Let’s Go: Everything You Need To Know About Go Park | Pokemon Guide

If you are a fan of Pokemon Go then chances are you may have been collecting some of the first generation Pokemon while roaming around your general area. The latest Pokemon video game release, Pokemon Let’s Go offers players a means to transfer your first generation catches into the game while retaining their various levels. This may result in prepping your game for future Gym battles or just facing against friends. It’s important to note that while you can transfer your Pokemon over into Pokemon Let’s Go, you can’t transfer the Pokemon back into Pokemon Go. Here’s everything you may need to know about the Pokemon Go Park.

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Pokemon Go Park Location

The Pokemon Go Park is located in Fuchsia City and within each Park players can store fifty Pokemon that is transferred over from your Pokemon Go application. Once you have gathered all of the Pokemon into a Park from your Pokemon Go application you can attempt to catch them in order for the Pokemon to be placed in your party for the game.

How To Capture

The Pokemon once transferred will be spawned in the Pokemon Go Park for you to track down. Likewise, the capture process will be determined by their IV and levels so you may need to use Berries as a means to keep them lured in. However, if they run away then you can enter back into the capture phase again when the Pokemon is tracked down again.

Note: While the levels and stats from Pokemon Go are brought over with the Pokemon transfer, the Natures will be random.

Candy Rewards

If you manage to have twenty-five of the same Pokemon in your Pokemon Go Parks then you can play a mini-game. Players must try to get all of the same species Pokemon through a gate while avoiding other Pokemon species. Doing so will grant you a random Candy.

Potential Candy
  • Courage – Increase Pokemon Sp Defense
  • Health – Increase Pokemon HP
  • Mighty – Increase Pokemon Attack
  • Quick – Increase Pokemon Speed
  • Smart – Increase Pokemon Sp Attack
  • Tough – Increase Pokemon Defense

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