Red Dead Redemption 2: Unique Hats Locations | Secret Customization Guide

From Skyrim-style Viking Helmets, to creepy Pig Masks, there are a ton of totally unique hats you can acquire for Arthur Morgan’s further adventures in Red Dead Redemption 2. These masks are incredibly difficult to locate, and some of them are hidden in places we’d never think to look. Even if you’ve visited these spots, you’ll probably miss the special hats.

Once you collect a hat, you own it forever. You can swap to a bonus hat in your horse inventory, and some of these masks are pretty spooky. You can get a severed pig head mask, or a satanic ram skull — if you’re looking for something less gross, you can also find a Pirate Hat, or a Civil War General hat. There are lots of different hats to choose from, so scroll down to get their locations, and check out the maps in the gallery below to pinpoint their locations.

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Unique Hats Locations | Secret Customization Guide

Note: Collect these unique hats / masks / helmets once, and you’ll add them to your inventory permanently. You can grab one of these hats from your horse inventory at any time.


Check the locations marked on the maps shown in the gallery above. Scroll through the gallery to see a preview image of every hat — listed in order.

  • Cat Skull Mask: At the back of the sunken wooden building in the swampy Lakay settlement, in Lamoyne.
  • Pig Mask: Hanging in the center slaughtering area of Butcher’s Creek, in the spooky settlement right next to the last “R” in “NEW HANOVER” on the map.
  • Civil War Hat: Found in the abandoned civil war fort, southeast of O’Creagh’s Run, near the Kamassa River. Enter the interior building and check the corner of the basement.
  • Tricorner Hat: In a wrecked ship, on the largest island west of Rhodes, on Flat Iron Lake.
  • Viking Helmet: Found in the underground of the Old Tomb, west of the Roanoke Valley river and north of Beaver
  • Nevada Hat: Behind the waterfall in Granite Pass. Go to the top, then climb down to the rocky walkway that leads under the falls. You’ll find a unique hat and a note.
  • Classic Raccoon Hat: Approach the crazy man sitting in the back-right tablet of the Valentine saloon past Chapter 2. Encounter him enough, and he’ll fist fight you. Or, you can shoot him. Grab the hat when it falls off his head.
  • Ram Skull Mask: Found hanging from a wooden pole in the east corner of Rathskeller Fork in New Austin.