Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Find The Secret Vampire | Chance Encounter Guide

A creature of the night stalks the streets of Saint Denis in Red Dead Redemption 2, and you can encounter the beast by following a hard-to-find set of clues. This isn’t your standard vampire either — this is a straight-up Nosferatu, with pointed ears and an ugly exterior that makes this particular chance encounter especially unique. If you want to find him yourself, you’ll need to track down five clues spread throughout Saint Denis.

The hardest part of this particular Easter egg is just finding the hidden locations. We’ve got them all mapped out in the gallery below, with pictures of each location to make things easier. The vampire is a deadly opponent, so be prepared before entering his killer alley — you might just full prey to the south’s very own bloodsucker.

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How To Find The Secret Vampire | Chance Encounter Guide


To encounter a millennia old vampire, you’ll need to locate five messages written on the walls in Saint Denis. If you find all five, you’ll create a map shaped like a pentagram that shows where the vampire will appear at night.

  • Scrawling #1: In the alley, north of the post office. Found in the hall behind the grass.
  • Scrawling #2: Further north, in the arched hallway dead end.
  • Scrawling #3: On the southern wall of the building with the butcher and general store.
  • Scrawling #4: In a small courtyard behind a gate near the trapper’s location.
  • Scrawling #5: On the side of a large red building north of the second “N” in Saint Denis.

After finding all five scrawlings and adding them to your journal, you’ll draw a map of the area. The vampire will now spawn south of the church, down an alley. Wait three days, then return at night to encounter the vampire. He may or may not appear — sleep at the large saloon and check the alley south of the church, shown on your pentagram map. If the kids are not in the alley, the vampire will spawn.

The vampire is a real Nosferatu, too! Don’t get too close, or he’ll kill you in a single knife attack. This isn’t just a regular guy, he’s clearly a strange monster that’s totally unique to the game, adding even more mystery to the wide, wide world of RDR2.