Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Find The Sasquatch | Easter Egg Guide

You don’t get to see the Sasquatch like in Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, but you will get to hear him.

The longest-running Rockstar secret returns in Red Dead Redemption 2. Ever since rumors of a bigfoot popped up for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the developer has hidden secret appearances by the missing link monstrosity in almost every one of their open-world games. Some of their references are more overt than others, including a lengthy quest in their Red Dead Redemption: Zombie Nightmare spin-off, where you actively hunted the sasquatch brood.

You won’t be able to kill these creatures, but you can find one in one of the hardest-to-find Easter eggs in the game. Before you can even begin this quest, you’ll need to study over thirty (30) animal species. To check your status, open the pause menu and go to “Progress” — from there, you can instantly see how many animals you’ve studied in the animals tab. If you’ve got more than thirty, you’re a pretty good outdoorsman, and you’ll be able to access this extremely random Easter egg.

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How To Find The Sasquatch | Easter Egg Guide

To find the sasquatch, or “Giant” as it’s described in-game, you’ll need to study at least thirty (30) animals. If you’ve studied that many, you can begin your sasquatch hunt. 


Travel up to the Wapiti Indian Reservation, then travel east to the western shore of the nearby river. Randomly, during a clear day (between 8AM-8PM) a flock of birds will appear. When they fly away, follow them on horseback. They should lead you east.

The birds will lead you far east, to the rocky mountains north of the train tracks, north of O’Creagh’s Run. There’s a rocky den here, where the unseen giant will speak to you. He claims he’s too big to come out, but you can have a quick conversation with the beast.

If you wait 48 hours, you can even have a second conversation. The big guy has some “big children” too, and he might just be too big to come out and say hello.

This Easter egg is available after completing Chapter 2, but you might need to wait awhile to study enough animals. Remember, you can study animals by holding [L2 / LT] and then press [R1 / RB] to study the animal if you’ve never studied it before. Killing and skinning an animal will automatically study it.