Red Dead Redemption 2: How To Get Unlimited Gold Bars | Infinite Money Guide

That’s where you’ll find an endless well of gold bars.

Money is scarce in Red Dead Redemption 2, and some ways of earning cash are more legitimate than others. If you’re okay with using exploits that absolutely were not intended, here’s one method you can use to earn a completely unlimited amount of cash. And it’s a lot of cash too — a single run nets you $15,000. That’s more money that you’ll ever need.

And cash is pretty scarce. You can find money everywhere — robbing people, sticking up trains, or selling pelts — but you’ll only pick up chump change. If you’re looking for really big scores, you’ll need to grab gold bars. These exceedingly rare items are worth $500 apiece. Most Treasure Hunt mini-quests will lead you to a few gold bars. And this trick is all about duping gold bars endlessly.

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How To Get Unlimited Gold Bars | Infinite Money Guide


To get an infinite supply of gold bars, and by extension, an endless amount of money, all you need to do is go to the old abandoned town down south on the Dakota River. Follow these quick steps to dupe gold bars infinitely.

  • Infinite Gold Bars Trick – Step-by-Step:
    1. Make sure you do not have a Bounty.
    2. Turn off Autosave in the Settings.
    3. Go to the burned town south on the Dakota River, and find the Sheriff’s Office.
    4. Open the lockbox inside. There is a gold bar and a letter. Don’t pick anything up.
    5. Stand close enough to the box that the option to pick up the gold bar appears.
    6. Save — open the menu and go to Story, then Save.
    7. Go to Load, and load the file you just saved.
    8. Return to the lockbox and loot it. You’ll be able to pick up as many Gold Bars as you can carry.
    9. Go to any fence (closest is in St. Denis) and sell all the bars. If you’re full, you’ll get $15,000.
    10. Go back to the lockbox in the burned town. Close it, then open the box again.
    11. Rinse and repeat (Steps #5-10) to get as much gold and cash as you want.

And that’s it! It’s extremely easy, and it’s still available in the game. Remember, if this is ever patched out, you’ll still be able to do this exploit with a physical copy — just delete your file, then reinstall and disable any patch downloads.