Red Dead Redemption 2: All Dreamcatcher Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

Have yourself some sweet dreams in Red Dead Redemption 2 with a secret collectibles quest — completing it will unlock the unique Ancient Arrowhead, which gives you a boost in bow-strength stamina. There are 20 Dreamcatchers spread across the states, and if you find them all, a reward will appear in the mysterious Elysian Pool caverns.

Actually locating the dreamcatchers is the problem. They’re hanging on trees, so at least they’re easy to spot from far away — but they’re also located in spots you probably won’t look. Turn on your Tracker Vision [R3+L3] to more easily spot the collectibles from a distance. They’ll glow yellow, and seeing how they’re hanging from trees, they aren’t too hidden. Check out the locations listed below to get them all, and get your reward.

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All Dreamcatcher Locations | Collectibles Quest Guide

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Dreamcatchers are a unique collectible you can find any time after Chapter 2. If you find all 20, you’ll unlock the Ancient Arrowhead in Elysian Pool.

  • Reward: The Ancient Arrowhead appears after finding all 20 dreamcatchers. Once collected, your stamina lowers 50% slower when using a bow.

Press [R3+L3] to activate Tracker Vision and the collectibles will be high-lighted at a distance — dreamcatchers are always hanging from trees at certain unique locations.

  • Dreamcatcher #1: Right at the “N” in “Heartland”, in New Hanover.
  • Dreamcatcher #2: Slightly north of Lonnie’s Shack in Lemoyne.
  • Dreamcatcher #3: Just north of the Lemoyne border, north of “B” in “Bluewater Marsh”, at the fork in the road.
  • Dreamcatcher #4: Right in the middle of the “O” in “New Hanover” on your map.
  • Dreamcatcher #5: Just south of Elysian Pool in New Hanover.
  • Dreamcatcher #6: Hanging from a tree on the southern shores of the Heartland Overflow in New Hanover.
  • Dreamcatcher #7: In Lemoyne, near the Pig Farm along the northern border. It’s west of the pig farm.
  • Dreamcatcher #8: Follow the train tracks east from Valentine, and you’ll find the dreamcatcher above the tracks, north of Citadel Rock.
  • Dreamcatcher #9: East of the first “E” in “New Hanover” on your map.
  • Dreamcatcher #10: Found just south of The Loft, in the far northeast corner of Grizzlies East.
  • Dreamcatcher #11: Northeast of the Flatneck Station, before you reach Dakota River.
  • Dreamcatcher #12: At the three-way fork in Roanoke Ridge, near the “E” in “Annesburg” on your map.
  • Dreamcatcher #13: Southwest of Deer Cottage, in Roanoke Ridge — east of Annesburg.
  • Dreamcatcher #14: South of the “U” in Annesburg, also in Roanoke Ridge.
  • Dreamcatcher #15: Follow the road south of the “S” in Annesburg and you’ll spot the dreamcatcher near the path. Use tracking vision to spot it easier.
  • Dreamcatcher #16: West of Caliban’s Seat in New Hanover.
  • Dreamcatcher #17: A bit south of the first “E” in “Valentine”, in New Hanover.
  • Dreamcatcher #18: South of the second “S” in ” Grizzlies West”, in Ambarino.
  • Dreamcatcher #19: Just east of Cotorra Springs, in Ambarino.
  • Dreamcatcher #20: Follow the main road south from Widow Rock. Use Tracker Vision to spot it as you travel down the road.

When you find all 20, Arthur will draw a constellation linking the locations. Travel to Elysian Pool and enter the large open chamber — on the right, you’ll find a matching cave drawing with the Ancient Arrow perk. Grab it and your bow will drain 50% less stamina.