Vampyr: All 4 Braille Note Locations | Mason Investigation Guide

Most of the investigations in Vampyr don’t take too much effort to complete — you just need to check each of the marked areas until you find what you’re looking for.

That’s true for most of these optional side-quests, except for one. The investigation “Occult Oculus” requires that you find four braille documents in London, and there’s no clues showing you where to look.

There’s a good reason you’ll want to find these. Getting all the braille notes will help you unlock a hideout in the Cemetery, which leads to one of the trickier collectibles. If this quest has been sitting in your log, and you’re curious how to solve it, we’ve got all four locations listed below.

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All 4 Braille Note Locations | Mason Investigation Guide

To begin the “Occult Oculus” mission, travel to White Chapel and use Vampire Vision to find Mason Swanborough in a house northwest of Stonebridge Cemetery. Talk to him to eventually get this investigation. He can read braille notebooks — there are four of these notebooks in London you’ll need to find to solve the investigation.

  • Braille #1: Enter the optional building in the courtyard outside the secret Priwen Command Post. It’s to the right as you enter White Chapel from the Hospital, and before reaching the interior courtyard through the gate. Enter the building and you’ll find the first braille note on the bed upstairs. This is the same old apartment building where you can rescue a trapped NPC.
  • Braille #2: Travel under the bridge to the east of the Turquoise Turtle Pub in the Docks area and look in the corner near an old homeless shack. There’s a corpse in the corner with the braille note on the ground.
  • Braille #3: Go to the second floor of the indoor market in West End. It’s a mall-like area with a glass roof, usually patrolled by Priwen or a single Ascalon Vampire. From the second floor, you can reach the clothing shop interior and unlock the locked ground floor door. In the corner of the ground floor, search the Priwen corpse.
  • Braille #4: Enter the sewer entrance north of Pembroke Hospital, on the waterway just south of Stonebridge Cemetery. In the Stonebridge Sewers, port into the raised tunnel and you’ll find a broken brick wall. Inside the furnished room, there’s a braille note in the corner.

These notebooks can be found even if you haven’t started the Occult Oculus investigation. After grabbing them, you’ll need to travel to the locked hideout and recover a diary for Mason to complete the investigation. The hideout contains one of the collectibles required to unlock the “Lore Keeper” achievement / trophy.