Vampyr: Unlock Every Hint With Help From A Fortune Teller | Hint Shop Location

Talk to this man to unlock hints for everyone you’ve missed in London.

Vampyr isn’t just about sucking blood — it’s also about getting involved in the small dramas of London. Every character in the game can be killed for their valuable blood, but before you drink from them, you’ll want to increase their blood quality for even more XP. The only way to do that is to discover “hints” — clues about a character’s past and relationship with everyone else in the region.

These hints come in many forms. Sometimes you’ll have to talk to other characters, complete investigations, or read documents — and sometimes it’s straight-up impossible to find hints on certain characters. If you want to learn more, there’s one NPC that can help you find all those missing hints you haven’t found yet. It costs a pile of shillings, but it’s worth it if you want to earn all the XP you can.

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Unlock Every Hint With Help From A Fortune Teller | Hint Shop Location

In Chapter 5, you’ll be able to access the Temple Church area. This is the richest part of London you can visit, and the final area with new NPCs. In this location, you’ll also find a very important character — Usher Talltree.

To find Usher Talltree, the leader of the Brotherhood of Saint-Paul’s Stole, go around the large cathedral in the center of the area until you find an underground entrance into the mausoleum. Down below, past the strange switches, you’ll find Usher Talltree sitting in the back of the crypt with a collectible item on his desk.

Talk to Usher Talltree, and he will give you hints about random characters in London. If there are characters you haven’t yet found all the hints for, Usher Talltree can give you those hints. He knows everything about everyone, but it will cost you.

  • To Get Hints For Random NPCs…
    • ┬áTalk to Usher Talltree in the cathedral basement, in West End’s Temple Church area.
    • “Your life in London?” -> “Could you read cards for me?”
    • Each reading will cost 150 shillings.

This is the only way (that I’ve found) to unlock hints about certain characters in the world. If you don’t pay for these hints, you’ll never be able to extract the maximum amount of XP. You can also do this purely for fun, just to see the full story for each character.