Vampyr: All 30 ‘Lore Keeper’ Documents | Collectibles Locations Guide

Learn more about the world of Vampyr and unlock the “Lore Keeper” achievement / trophy with these collectible locations. Lore Documents are the main collectible you’ll find in Vampyr, and they’re usually found in only the most important locations of London.

Whenever you reach an important area, it’s probably a good idea to look around for a piece of paper — whenever you meet a main character (or pillar of a community) you’ll want to search their room, office, or place of business. It just makes sense.

Of course, not every collectible is sitting next to the main characters. You’ll want to look around every hideout and locked house too — vampires can’t enter a house unless they’re invited inside. Just keep progressing into the story, and eventually you’ll be able to increase your mesmerize level so you can force your way into a home, even if you have no good reason to be there.

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All Lore Documents | Collectibles Locations Guide


All lore documents come in sets of three. Documents are usually located in locked houses, important locations, or in hideouts.


  • Collectible #1: Southwark – In the very first hideout you duck into to escape the hunters, you’ll find this collectible document on the shelves to the right of the door leading into the bombed-out room.

Chapter 1

  • Collectible #2: North Docks – In the second warehouse you’ll reach while chasing the mysterious blood trail, after leaving the docks and talking to Dr. Swansea. Found on a corpse.
  • Collectible #3: Pembroke Hospital – Found in the same room as Thomas Elwood, on the first floor of the hospital. Use Vampire Vision to spot him.
  • Collectible #4: Pembroke Hospital – Find this collectible in Dr. Swansea’s large office, on the second floor.

Chapter 2

  • Collectible #5: Hospital Sewers – When investigating Dr. Crane’s mystery man, you’ll enter the sewers. Search the corpse in the sewers, outside the boss arena.
  • Collectible #6: White Chapel – Found in the office desk in the second floor of Harry Peterson’s house.
  • Collectible #7: White Chapel – Enter the hideout near Dr. Crane’s Dispensary in White Chapel. In this interior area, find the room with two Skal. Defeat them, and search the room for a collectible.
  • Collectible #8: White Chapel, Petrescu’s House – Found in the storage room in Petrescu’s House. You’ll go through it to reach Crane’s Dispensary.

Chapter 3

  • Collectible #9: Stonebridge Cemetery – On the east edge of the cemetery, look for a spot you can teleport up to. There’s a small grassy alcove with a corpse carrying a collectible document.
  • Collectible #10: Docks, Enid’s House – With Mesmerize Level 2, you can enter Enid’s house. There’s a collectible inside. Find her house near Sean Hampton’s Night Asylum.
  • Collectible #11: Docks, Sewer Dog’s Lair – When you reach the Sewer Dog’s lair in Chapter 3, find the room where Harriet is kept. The collectible is in this room.
  • Collectible #12: Docks, Night Asylum – Outside the Night Asylum, look between the crates outside the Night Asylum fence.

Chapter 4

  • Collectible #13: West End, Ashbury Mansion – Return to Ashbury Mansion after talking to her for the story. Go to the painting room upstairs to find this collectible.
  • Collectible #14: West End, Sewers – Found in a basket. Enter the sewers from the steps in the West End and run forward, then look left to find the collectable inside a lootable bin.
  • Collectible #15: West End, Venus’s House – Find Venus in her house in the West End. You’ll need Mesmerize Level 4 to make her invite you in. The collectible is in a shelf on the second floor, next to the bed.
  • Collectible #16: West End – Search the market square under the train bridge, behind the Grand Theatre. There’s a dead body in the market with this collectible.
  • Collectible #17: West End – Search the market square north of Reid’s Mansion. There’s a restaurant where you will find a trapped NPC named Kimura. There’s a collectible in this cafĂ©.
  • Collectible #18: West End, Ascalon Club – In the Ascalon Club, enter the room to the right on the ground floor to find this collectible.
  • Collectible #19: West End, Ascalon Club – Get the basement key on the second floor, then explore the underground of the Ascalon Club to find this tricky collectible.

Chapter 5

  • Collectible #20: West End, Sewers – Recovered from the body of the Vulkod boss you’ll encounter in the passage leading into Dawson Manor. You can’t miss this collectible.
  • Collectible #21: West End, Temple Church – Found in the basement of the cathedral in Temple Church, the area where Dawson’s manor is located. The collectible is on Usher Talltree’s table.
  • Collectible #22: West End, Theatre – In the Theatre, you’ll find a collectible in the basement when you revisit to rescue Swansea.

Chapter 6 (Getting The Rest Of The Collectibles)

  • Collectible #23: Southwark – Return to Southwark and enter the foundry in Chapter 6. Kill a Beast (or different enemy) on the ground floor and search the body to get a key that unlocks the stairwell door. The collectible is found in the second foundry building’s second floor area.
  • Collectible #24: White Chapel – Found in Mason’s house, west of Stonebridge Cemetery.
  • Collectible #25: White Chapel – Start Mason’s quest to find Braille books. If he reads them all, you’ll be able to unlock a door in the hideout east of Stonebridge Cemetery.
  • Collectible #26: West End, Temple Church – Complete Usher Talltree’s investigation without reading the secret diary. If you don’t read the diary and turn it in, you’ll get this collectible.
  • Collectible #27: White Chapel, Sewers – Search the corpse near the sewers entrance, near the east-most hideout on the map at Stonebridge Cemetery.
  • Collectible #28: Docks – Purchase the collectible from the NPC merchant Martin Nightingale.
  • Collectible #29: Pembroke Hospital – Talk to Mortimer in the hospital to get his quest. He’ll ask you to recover his suicide note. There’s a collectible in his house.
  • Collectible #30: Pembroke Hospital – Find the small hideout near the “H” in the Hospital title on your map. There’s a collectible in this hideout.

Get all thirty collectibles to unlock the “Lore Keeper” achievement / trophy.