Vampyr: How To Find The Life is Strange Easter Egg | ‘Unlife Is Strange’ Guide

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Yes, there is a small Life Is Strange Easter egg in Vampyr — and it’s all about keeping a dying plant alive. Right at the start of the game, you’ll be introduced to the staff at Pembroke Hospital. You’ll even get your own large office from which you can begin your study of the undead curse. There’s also a mysterious plant next to your workbench.

What is the purpose of the plant? It’s a Life is Strange Easter egg. If you can find the right kind of water, which actually isn’t so easy to find. There’s only one location with the water you need, and it’s only available after you’ve reached Chapter 4. That’s pretty far into the story, so be prepared to wait. When you’ve unlocked the West End, you can begin the hunt.

Life Is Strange was the previous game by Vampyr developers Dontnod Entertainment. It’s a huge departure from their earlier episodic adventure game, but at least there’s a link between the two — a tiny little Easter egg that doesn’t so much reference the characters as the butterflies.

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How To Find The Life is Strange Easter Egg | ‘Unlife Is Strange’ Guide


To unlock this achievement / trophy, you need to find Pure Water for your plant. Pure Water is a unique key item — if you find it on your own, now you know what it’s for. Don’t worry, you can’t resell it or use it for crafting.

To get Pure Water, reach the West End in Chapter 4, then find the market square located north of the Reid Mansion. In the small square, there’s a blue, boarded up building underneath a platform you can leap to. Go inside to find the Pure Water. This is the same square where you can find and rescue a citizen named Kimura Tadao.

Return to your office in Pembroke Hospital and interact with the plant to the left of your workbench. You’ll water the plant — now you’ll need to sleep three nights. After three sleeping sessions, the plant will come back to life with prominent green leafs. Interact with it again to unlock the secret achievement / trophy.