Vampyr: How To Solve The Temple Church Puzzle | ‘Bloody Roots’ Guide

The biggest mystery in Vampyr is that strange puzzle in the Temple Church crypt. Late in the game, you’ll arrive at the West End district of London where you’ll meet with powerful Vampires that defend the British Empire from behind the scenes. These nefarious figures send you on a long quest to locate a rich man’s mansion, in an area that’s been heavily barricaded to protect against the spread of the epidemic.

In this area, called Temple Church, you’ll be able to find a strange little man named Usher Talltree. Usher is the leader (or Primate) of the Brotherhood of Saint-Paul’s Stole, a secret society of mortals that studies vampires. In his crypt, underneath the cathedral, you’ll also find something very peculiar — four switches that you can stand on. There’s a puzzle here, and it hides the best weapon in the game.

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How To Solve The Temple Church Puzzle | ‘Bloody Roots’ Guide


To unlock the ‘Bloody Roots‘ achievement / trophy, you’ll need to solve the puzzle in the Temple Church underground passage that leads to Usher Talltree. The puzzle, when solved correctly, will lower a door with the powerful True Dragonbane sword.

It is possible to glitch through this wall without solving the puzzle. Turn the West End district hostile, and the map will change — return to the crypt and attack the concrete wall opposite the entrance stairs. You’ll clip through the wall and reach the Dragonbane chamber.

There are four diamond-shaped floor plates you need to stand on in the correct order. The sequence is six steps, and always random. The order is always the same, but the pressure pads are always random. To learn which pressure pads you need to step on, you’ll need to complete Usher Talltree’s investigation.

  • Order You Must Press The Pads:
    • Fish, Circle, Square, Circle, Fish, Diamond

To see which pressure pads correspond to which symbols, you’ll need to complete Usher Talltree’s Investigation. Talk to him in the Temple Church underground to accept his mission. When you return to the theater for the second time, kill all the enemies in the theater to collect a key to the safe in the basement.

DO NOT READ his diary. Return it to Talltree, and you’ll get an exclusive collectible with the randomized symbols corresponding to each pressure pad. Follow the order listed above, and you’ll be able to access the underground chamber with the True Dragonsbane sword.