Far Cry 5: The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) Showcase | Week 2 [4/6]

Goldeneye, Metal Gear Solid and more themed levels rise to the top of the rankings as we explore even more new levels in Far Cry 5. Using the powerful level editor  called the “Arcade Editor”, players worldwide can piece together their very own masterpiece levels. Whether it’s recreating maps from beloved franchises, or creating a whole new ending for the game, there are tons of interesting maps that weren’t just made by Ubisoft in Week 2 of our showcase series.

The levels, designed and shared by fans of Far Cry 5 through the Arcade online menu are even better this week. This time around, we won’t settle for just official custom levels. We’re exploring the wacky side of the Arcade, delving into Goldeneye’s Facility, Shadow Moses Island, zombie defense, wild west shootouts, deadly riots, and totally new, more satisfying endings.

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The Best ARCADE Maps (So Far) Showcase | Week 2 [4/6]


Call of the Cult

  • Type: Journey

The cult’s chaos isn’t limited to Hope County in this awesome cooperative map. Fires burn in the streets, and you’ll have to sneak and shoot through large groups of well-armed cultists as they riot, burning and smashing everything in sight. Your goal is pretty simple — get to the end alive. It’s a fun map, filled with plenty of enemies and some exciting shootouts. The actual design of the city is strong, with tons of detail showing off the complete chaos.


  • Type: Assault

If you’re looking for straight-forward action with a little bit of challenge, this is great map to jump into. Set in an old wild western themed town, you’ll get to pick multiple loadouts with period-appropriate weaponry. It’s a shooting gallery in the best way. All you have to do is blast as many bad hombres as you can. The design of the map is basic — and I mean very basic — but it has just enough detail to remain convincing. This one’s all about the fun design, as more and more gunmen appear down the street, along with a small herd of cattle.

Shadow Moses (HUNT)

  • By: TheRoostr_
  • Type: Bounty Hunt

Snake? SNAKE! It’s a recreation of Shadow Moses island, the classic Alaskan setting of Metal Gear Solid. Sure, the map itself is a pretty basic recreation — the tanks in the tank hangar are particularly silly looking — but this is still an awesome map. It’s the details that matter. You’ll find extra items exactly where they’re meant to be from the original game. Best of all, you’ll go in OSP — like the real Solid Snake, you don’t start the mission with any items at all.

Into Hell Part 1

  • By: lewiraine
  • Type: Assault

War is hell in this exciting combat map. Right from the start, you’ll be thrust into a warzone with an entire squad of helper AI. You’ll have to fight through dug-in cultists armed with mortars and machine gun turrets — really, this map feels like an old-school Call of Duty level, and that’s not a bad thing at all. The cultists will reinforce their position or even fall back when they’re overrun. It’s fun to see so many AI characters fighting each other — you’ll never see a battle this scale in the main game.

Facility – Bond Guns

  • By: ealyon1516
  • Type: Journey

We all love Facility, and now you can play the blocky Goldeneye map in full HD Far Cry 5. Like Shadow Moses, this map is really just an experiment in what you can do with the Arcade Editor — if you ever wanted to know if you can recreate maps from an old Nintendo 64 game, now you know. As James Bond, you’ll get a silenced pistol and remote explosives. Like the original, a truly insane amount of soldiers will spawn in if you don’t use stealth. Now that’s what I call accuracy where it counts.

Into The Darkness

  • By: Baron_Von_Pork
  • Type: Journey

After a few butt-ugly maps, let’s dig back into maps that look great. Here, you’ll explore a lakeside camping site, check out some cabins, collect gear, and fight through a small army of Bliss-infused cultists. With a dark, horror atmosphere and great lighting, this is one of the moodiest maps I’ve seen in awhile. It helps the forest and surrounding areas are well-detailed, with plenty of waving grass and natural hills, making this one of the best outdoors maps I’ve seen yet.


  • By: Ubisoft
  • Type: Outpost

Time for a change of scenery. Resort uses objects from Far Cry 3 to turn Montana into a lush island resort that you’re free to clear out however you want. Your loadout choices are named after fruity drinks, and you’ll be able to choose your infiltration method. Best of all, there are multiple vehicles you can use to take down all the guards — there’s a boat with a turret, and even an armed helicopter you pilot. Not many levels use vehicles, yet! Here’s hoping for many, many more in the future.

Alternate Ending

  • By: scoots124
  • Type: Bounty Hunt

Get the ending we all deserve in this map. Instead of the downer of an ending that game gives us, this map reimagines the final mission as — you know, a real mission. This time, you’ll invade Joseph Seed’s personal bunker, blast his army of goons, fight through swarms of armored henchmen, and finally take down Seed himself. It’s kind of anticlimactic, but it’s still a whole heck of a lot better than the lame ending we actually got. You even get to steal a helicopter and escape at the end! Groovy.

Other Maps Worth Checking Out:

  • Baseball Brawl (Multiplayer)
    • It’s a baseball diamond and a multiplayer map! That’s cool.
  • Sepoko Hunt (Bounty Hunt)
    • Finally, a map that uses the Far Cry 2 tileset. This one is set in the African wilderness, as you dodge animals and hunt poachers. The map is surprisingly large — it even has some platforming and driving.
  • The Last Stand (Survival)
    • A type of map I haven’t showcased quite yet. Here, you’ll defend a fortified position with lots and lots of allies while trying to stay alive until you’ve blasted 164 Bliss zombies.