Assassin’s Creed Origins: Curse of the Pharaohs DLC – Pharaoh’s Shadows Combat Guide

The ‘Curse of the Pharaohs‘ doesn’t mess around. In this final, high-level DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Bayek must travel to Upper Egypt and encounter gods summoned by another ancient artifact — including mummified warriors unlike anything you’ve faced in the main game. The Pharaoh’s Shadow is a powerful opponent that randomly appears in the environment, and it takes four unique forms.

The Pharaoh’s Shadow first appears right after arriving at Thebes. These guys attack suddenly, do tons of damage and take a lot of punishment. There are two ways to permanently banish them; either by beating them when they appear or completing main story quests. If you chose to fight them in the open world, keep in mind that they only fight you for a short amount of time before fleeing. If they run, that’s it, your progress is reset. You’ll have to be aggressive, smart and a level or two above them in order to win within the time limit. Below are some specific strategies for each form the Pharaoh’s Shadow takes.

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Pharaoh’s Shadows Combat Guide


Pharaoh’s Shadow 1 [Dual Knives] 

This version of the Pharaoh’s Shadow wields dual knives and attacks in long combo strings. Keep your distance at about mid-range to bait out its charging stab attacks, that’s when it’s easiest to get in a few heavy attacks. If your super attack restores health it’s a good idea to prioritize building meter, otherwise you’ll want to avoid using your super attack outside the free hit; at this point any heavy attack does about the same amount of damage.

Pharaoh’s Shadow 2 [Giant Club]

A big dude with a giant club. When he rears back he’ll perform an unblockable charge and grab that does a ton of damage. You’ll want to keep your distance and hit him with quick pokes, as he has an extremely close range poke attack that comes out almost instantly and can stagger you. At certain intervals during the fight he’ll perform a taunt, sand falling from his body. This is the perfect time to attack as he seems to stagger more easily during the taunt.

Pharaoh’s Shadow 3 [Sickle Sword]

A big skinny mummy with a sickle sword. He does heavy damage but has well telegraphed combos and generally slow movement. A good time to attack him is during his lunge attack combo, when he attacks forward three times, usually following one of his sweep attack combos. As with the first two shadows, he will occasionally perform a taunt; that’s a good time to be aggressive and hit him with a big combo.

Pharaoh’s Shadow 4 [Spear]

Another guy with a lot of well-telegraphed moves, and a lot of stabbing attacks that are easy to side-step. This shadow is probably the easiest to beat when he first appears. Dodge his obvious attacks but don’t hug him too hard; his hitbox can be inconsistent, especially on activation. Wait until he’s got an attack going before you can get your own attacks in.

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