Assassin’s Creed Origins: Where To Find All 12 Stone Circles | Collectibles Guide

Developers Ubisoft Montreal has launched their latest Assassin’s Creed title in the franchise on October 27, 2017. Assassin’s Creed Origins takes players to the start of the Brotherhood of Assassins where the game will take place in Ancient Egypt.

Players take on the role of a Medjay named Bayek who has been protecting his people of the Ptolemaic Kingdom during a time of upheaval. Uncover how Bayek is tied within the Brotherhood of Assassins along with the conflict that been present for centuries between the Brotherhood and the Templar Order.

In this guide, we’ll showcase where to find all twelve of the stone circles. Check the gallery below for each specific stone circle location.

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Stone Circle Locations
  • Stone Circle #1: Amun Stone Circle
    • Located south of Siwa. Follow the road that goes around the lake west of the city and you’ll run into it.
  • Stone Circle #2: Apis Stone Circle
    • Located southwest area of the Isolated Desert. This stone circle will be below the Remetch Ra vantage point.
  • Stone Circle #3: Divine Lion Stone Circle
    • Located northeastern area of the Iment Nome. You’ll find it southeast of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu.
  • Stone Circle #4: Goat Fish Stone Circle
    • Located northwestern of the Isolated Desert. You can find the stone circle on the western cliff from the valley.
  • Stone Circle #5: The Great Twins Stone Circle
    • Located at the White Desert Oasis lake You’ll find the stone circle on a small island on the northeastern part of the lake.
  • Stone Circle #6: Hathor Stone Circle
    • Located on the marsh island of Ka-Khem Nome. You can find it ease of the Sapi-Res Nome region.
  • Stone Circle #7: Horus Stone Circle
    • Located within the southeastern area of Krocodilopolis. You’ll find it just below the river at Uab Nome.
  • Stone Circle #8: Osiris Stone Circle
    • Located northwestern part of Qattara Depression. Use the western path to reach the stone circle.
  • Stone Circle #9: Pisces Stone Circle
    • Located within Faiyum. It will be located near the eastern coast.
  • Stone Circle #10: The Scales Stone Circle
    • Located just west of the Horus Stone Circle.
  • Stone Circle #11: Serqet Stone Circle
    • Located within Iment Nome. You’ll find the circle stone west of the Temple of Sekhmet in Yamu.
  • Stone Circle #12: Taweret Stone Circle
    • Located towards the northwestern side of Faiyum.

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