Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition – How To Unlock the Regalia Type-D In Chapter 14

Final Fantasy 15: Royal Edition is out now, and brings a load of changes to an already pretty packed game. Some of those changes are huge, like a new scene at the end of the game — while others are incredibly easy to miss. This weird addition belongs in that second category. Yes, you can now fully explore the spooky dark world of Chapter 14.

Previously, Chapter 14 was a pretty locked section of the game. You could run freely to all the areas in the open world, but driving around with those huge monster truck wheels was off the table. This little fan request gets a secret inclusion, and actually unlocking the Regalia Type-D can be kind of janky. We’ll explain in the guide below.

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How To Unlock the Regalia Type-D In Chapter 14

Before diving into the specifics — and why this is an important change — let’s quickly talk about the Regalia. The original car that helps your crew drive around the vast environments of FFXV used to be stuck on rails. You couldn’t off-road. Instead, you’d have to jump out of your car and run around on-foot to fight enemies and complete hunt quests.

Not so with the Regalia Type-D, a special version of the Regalia released with one of the many patches that bring a whole lot of changes to the base game. The Regalia Type-D adds monster truck wheels to your simple Regalia vehicle, allowing the team to hit the high hills and explore the world freely.

SPOILERS AHEAD: In Chapter 14, you lose the Regalia before the final encounter. The world has gone dark, and you’ll only be able to reverse the world’s horrible fate in the post-game, giving you back all your useful stuff.


The Regalia Type-D and more variants are perfectly usable in Chapter 15, but not Chapter 14. That’s too bad — because Chapter 14 is a wholly unique little chapter filled with monsters. Lots of fans simply want to explore this alternate world, even if there isn’t a whole lot to see in the pure darkness.

  • How To Get The Regalia Type-D In Chapter 14:
    1. Complete all the Regalia side-quests, then find Talcott in the Glaive Base.
    2. Talcott will only appear after completing the Regalia side-quests.
    3. He’ll give you a quest and a key to a garage with the Regalia Type-D Replica.

There’s more to this weird secret — you can’t simply use Chapter Select and return to Chapter 14. Instead, you’ll need to load a save game from Chapter 15 and then use Umbra to travel back in time to the Glaive Base. You’ll also need to use Umbra to complete any Regalia quests in past-Lucis.

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