Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Why Herbalism Is The Best Early-Game Skill

The humble herbalism skill doesn’t seem all that useful in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. At least, it doesn’t seem that useful at first. This basic skill is used, early in the game, to make gathering items easier. Flowers, plants, and other natural materials are all up-for-grabs in the vast forests outside of town, and all of them are worth money. Cash is a good incentive, but herbalism is a surprisingly varied skill that offers plenty of benefits.

Here we’re going to explain exactly why herbalism is a pretty awesome skill to train early in the game. The cool benefits of herbalism are detailed in this reddit post by strangestdanger, and we’re here to reiterate and spread the word. Herbalism is a great skill — it will give you lots of money, increase your speechcraft, provide an easy HP boost, and even give you a non-combat method for strength training.

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Why Herbalism Is The Best Early-Game Skill

Herbalism is one of those basic skills you might overlook in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It doesn’t seem all that useful at first — but the more you level up, the more benefits you’ll get from picking flowers all day and night. Best of all, it gets easier to use as you level up. And it’s already super easy to use. It’s basically just grabbing whatever you can find on the ground as you travel.

  • Herbalism makes earning money easy. Pick up anything and everything off the ground, and you can sell the stuff you don’t need for extra cash.
    • As you level up herbalism, the area-of-effect that you collect will increase. Essentially, you’ll pick up more items as the circle increases, meaning you’ll have less busy-work to get more materials.
  • Herbalism will help in your haggling. Stop and haggle with every vendor over prices and you’ll quickly increase your speechcraft skills. You’ll get more money and slowly train your skills to earn even more money (and solve speech checks) later in the game.
  • Herbalism gives you a permanent vitality boost. When you pick enough poisonous plants, you’ll eventually earn a secret perk — Resistance — this gives you a permanent +2 Vitality boost.
  • Herbalism can be used for non-combat strength training. Best of all, you can start strength training at Level 10. For every squat, you’ll train your strength — about 1 XP per squat. That doesn’t sound so great, but it adds up fast.

Herbalism might be the only non-combat method for strength training, and it doesn’t cost a dime to forage. Now get out there and start picking flowers, and you’ll be a well-equipped warrior in no time.