Gorogoa Walkthrough: Chapter 5 – Blue | Complete Puzzle Guide

Chapter 5 of Gorogoa sends the young boy on a train trip, and you’ll have to connect seemingly unrelated frames to complete his journey. Unlikely perspectives and strange symmetry abounds in the purple temple as the boy hunts down the final offering.

Not only will you have to ride a train, using a map and altering the tracks, you’ll also have to play around with perspective to fit the boy through a tiny door, then shrink / enhance his size through a series of complex tracks and ladders. This is a pretty mind blowing chapter, so we won’t judge if you need a tip or two to solve it.

Gorogoa Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Chapter 5 | Complete Puzzle Guide

Gorogoa isn’t a traditional puzzle game. You’ll need to manipulate tiles; moving, separating, or combining tiles to solve puzzles. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each puzzle in simple language, explaining only the bare-bones of each puzzle in strict detail. Check out the gallery for images showing every step of the puzzle.


  • This chapter begins after the boy collects the blue fruit offering from the photograph of the old man.
    • To start the chapter proper, zoom out of the Library and the shelf with the three objects — the boy will push over the table. Go right and focus on the calendar until you find the frame with the golden ring.
    • Zoom out of the library until you reach the frame with the old man studying. Zoom outside the window, then place the gold ring frame over the old man frame to create a coin.
  • Plate Frame: Zoom out of the plate frame until you find the broken plate — continue until you’ve reach the Train Station Frame.
    • At the Train Station Frame, go left to find an open doorway. Layer the door over the boy so he can enter the Train Station.
  • Train Station Frame: When the boy enters the train station, a train will drive by. Go right and focus on the third sign from the top — the one with the purple offering symbol. Zoom in on the image on the sign, then split the frame.
    • When the frames are split, the trolley will arrive at the station, and the boy will wait.
    • Focus on the “Stop” Sign Frame, and then focus on the coin slot. Drop the gold coin into the coin slot.
  • When the train leaves, a paper will fall from a Map. Focus on the Map Frame next — on the Map Frame, you’ll see the trolley moving along the tracks. We need to help the trolley reach the purple stop.
  • Map Frame: To solve the Map Frame, move left at the remaining (new) Purple Station Frame. To the left, there’s a Green Symbol that matches the green tracks. Connect the map (zoomed in) with the matching green tracks on the wall relief to change tracks with the trolley.
  • Purple Station Frame: The boy will now arrive at the Purple Station. Go all the way left and the boy will leave the blocked path and wait at the door to the garden.
    • Unfortunately, the boy is too big to get through the tiny door. Focus on the boy’s thought bubble, then split the frames. Using the quilt, you can tell the boy to move in different directions depending on the hand you layer over his thought bubble. Keep that in mind for later.
  • Map Frame: Before commanding the boy to move with the Quilt Frame, use the Map Frame and focus on the symbol with the needles and thread. Zoom in and the image will connect to the Purple Station Frame by the yellow threat — use the Quilt Frame to order the boy to move left.
    • Now the boy is inside the Map Frame, under the relief of the scissors-holding hands. Zoom in on the tiny door in the Purple Station Frame and place it left of the Scissors Frame.
    • Focus on the scissors thought bubble and layer in the left pointer once you’ve connected the door to the left.
  • Courtyard Frame: Enter the courtyard through the circular hole in the background of the Purple Station, above the tiny door. Zoom in on the boy’s new location. He’s tiny now! Once again, he’ll gain a thought bubble and you can suggest a direction for him to move.
    • Use the split frame (thought bubble) and order the boy to climb up. Don’t follow him up just yet.
  • Map Frame: Focus on the section of the map where the red tracks meet the yellow tracks. They almost look like a ladder, don’t they? Connect the red tracks to the red ladder in the boy’s frame (above) after ordering the boy to climb up. When you connect the frames, he’ll climb back down.
    • Zoom out of the Red Ladder Frame and focus on the Yellow Ladder in the Courtyard. Connect the matching frames and the boy will automatically climb down.

Once the boy climbs down the ladder, he’ll be full size again! He’ll move left and climb the tower on his own, reaching the final of the five offerings. There’s still one more chapter to go, though!