Gorogoa Walkthrough: Chapter 6 – Purple | Complete Puzzle Guide

Complete the mystery of Gorogoa and tame the mythological beast with the final offering puzzle. At this point, the boy has collected all five offerings — but the creature rejects you, sending the boy careening to the ground, leaving him a lifelong cripple. But, that doesn’t mean that he’s about to stop. There’s still one more task ahead.

The final challenge sends the boy (and the player) on a journey of memory, taking you back to familiar locations to find the elemental secrets and symbol we’ve seen and studied. Each step becomes more difficult, but you can complete the puzzles in any order you like. If you ever need help, check out the gallery below or follow the tips in order to see exactly how to complete this beautiful, enigmatic puzzle game.

Gorogoa Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Chapter 6 | Complete Puzzle Guide

Gorogoa isn’t a traditional puzzle game. You’ll need to manipulate tiles; moving, separating, or combining tiles to solve puzzles. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each puzzle in simple language, explaining only the bare-bones of each puzzle in strict detail. Check out the gallery for images showing every step of the puzzle.


  • This chapter begins right after the boy collects the purple offering from the top of the tower.
  • Tower Frame: After getting the purple fruit, an empty thought bubble will appear above the boy’s head. Zoom out of the Map Frame until you see the image of the blue offering bowl.
    • Layer the images together, and you’ll get a cutscene. The offering fails, and the boy falls from the skies. Zoom out to see the boy in a wheelchair, and the city destroyed. Follow the pointer up to watch as the city is rebuilt. At the top, focus on the Old Man’s thought bubble.
  • Broken Offering Frame: The goal of the final chapter is to renew all five of the empty offerings in the Broken Offering Frame. Each of the circles represents one of the offerings we’ve collected in the game.
    • From left to right, the empty offering circles are; red, green, yellow, blue, purple.
  • Red Offering Frame: We’ll start on the left-most offering and move right. Focus on the black offering, then split it to find the boy on a wheelchair. Split the frame again, enter the doorway, go left and focus on the thought bubble.
    • Layer the red symbol over the circle in the wheelchair frame, then combine with the original frame.
  • Green Offering Frame: Moving one offering over, split the frames until you have three tiles.
    • In the third split frame, focus on the light-green colors on the black apple wall — continue to zoom in until you find the green symbol on a tree. Combine all the frames again!
  • Yellow Offering Frame: You know the drill. Split the frame until you have three tiles.
    • Focus on the glowing star in the mountain range. In the library, focus on the window until you’re close to the moth — combine the stars and the moth / graveyard.
    • The moth will fly into the star and burn, making a yellow symbol appear. Combine the yellow symbol with the boy’s thought bubble in the library and the original frame to complete this sequence.
  • Blue Offering Frame: Split the fourth offering circle into three frames — continue to zoom out to find a frame filled with gears. You’ll need to rotate the blue symbol to the top.
    • To rotate the gears, focus on the yellow circle and split to create four frames. In the Sun Frame, go down to see the boy walking the desert with a bell. Layer the walking boy with the yellow circle, and the gears will begin to turn.
    • Now that the gears are turning, place the boy’s thought bubble over the blue symbol and layer all the frames together to complete this section. Just one more to go.
  • Purple Offering Frame: Again, split the frames until you have three. The third frame changes depending on which tile you place it on — move it to the upper-left corner and focus on the image.
    • It leads to another image that changes depending on the tile! Move it to the bottom-left corner this time and focus again. Yet another — move it to the upper right to find the purple offering.
    • Layer the purple symbol over the old man’s thought bubble and the original frame to complete the final offering.

When the final offering is found, you’ll have completed the final challenge and sent the complete offering to the mythological creature, completing your journey. It’s been a long road, but I hope you’ve enjoyed the ride.