Gorogoa Walkthrough: Chapter 2 – Red | Complete Puzzle Guide

As we move into Chapter 2 of Gorogoa, we learn a little bit more about how these tiles work. Not only can tiles be placed over one another or connected to change aspects of the image, but you can also layer (or split) tiles — turning one tile into two, or turning two tiles into one.

The puzzles are still relatively simple and short at this point. From one rooftop, the boy needs to reach a different garden across the city, and you can help him by placing matching doorways over a frame showing two towers connected by a stairwell. Find the doors that match each frame, and layer the tiles over each other so the boy can complete the second step of his lifelong mission.

Gorogoa Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Chapter 2 | Complete Puzzle Guide

Gorogoa isn’t a traditional puzzle game. You’ll need to manipulate tiles; moving, separating, or combining tiles to solve puzzles. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each puzzle in simple language, explaining only the bare-bones of each puzzle in strict detail. Check out the gallery for images showing every step of the puzzle.


  • The second chapter begins when you collect the red apple offering in the blue bowl. The boy takes the bowl out of the rooftop frame — zoom out of all three frames.
  • Wheelchair Frame: Focus on the pair of towers in the background of the wheelchair frame.
  • Rooftop / Boy Frame: Place the frame with the boy on the rooftop onto the Towers Frame. The doors match up! After the boy enters the towers, split the frames again and the boy will reach the upper tower.
  • Rooftop Frame: Now that the boy has left the rooftop and is on the towers, focus on the background of the Rooftop Frame. There’s another door — combine the Rooftop and Towers again. When the boy enters the rooftop, split the frame again and he will continue to walk.
  • Rooftop Frame: Focus on the green symbol door and you’ll see the path has been bricked over. Move left and focus on the sign with the green doorway.
  • Sign Frame: On the Sign Frame, split the frame so you have an empty sign and a frame with a doorway that leads into a garden. Zoom out of the sign, then place the Doorway Frame over the green symbol, creating a path for the boy to reach the garden.
  • Garden Frame: Focus on the doorway to the garden to enter the garden itself. Zoom in on the statues, then onto the blue bowl when the boy places it. Split the frame when you’re focused on the statue fruit.
  • Stone Wall Frame: Zoom out of the stone wall frame (the one you got from splitting the statue image) until you see the boy on crutches in a ruined city. Focus on the ruined building in the background, then the green section of the ruined wall. Keep focusing on the green symbol on the ruined building.
  • Gorogoa Frame: Continue to focus on the green, and you’ll find the Gorogoa Frame. This frame’s image changes depending on which tile you’re on. Move it to the upper-left corner to see the green eye.
  • Blue Bowl Frame: Place the blue bowl frame over the eye. The empty apple statue fits perfectly over the green eye. The green fruit will become real and roll into the blue offering bowl.

Once you have the green fruit, this chapter is over. The boy will continue his search, and the puzzles will only get more complicated.