Gorogoa Walkthrough: Chapter 3 – Green | Complete Puzzle Guide

The third chapter of Gorogoa introduces some truly challenging puzzles, forcing you to rethink perspective and match tiles that don’t seem to go together at all — all to navigate objects that move through the frames.

You’ll also learn about changing the weights of objects, or using the placement of tiles to effect pictures. For example you’ll need to move a magnet to point a compass in the right direction.

The boy’s story also gets a little dark here — he wasn’t always a boy, and discovering the location for all five offerings was a lifelong goal, pursued ever during the worst of times.

Gorogoa Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Chapter 3 | Complete Puzzle Guide

Gorogoa isn’t a traditional puzzle game. You’ll need to manipulate tiles; moving, separating, or combining tiles to solve puzzles. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for each puzzle in simple language, explaining only the bare-bones of each puzzle in strict detail. Check out the gallery for images showing every step of the puzzle.


  • The chapter begins after the green fruit rolls into the blue offering bowl. Once you’ve done that, zoom out of the Blue Bowl Frame and move right on the Garden Frame. The boy’s next goal is the Yellow Offering.
  • Garden Frame: Zoom out of the Garden Frame to get a glimpse of the boy studying in a crumbling building. The lights go out. The next goal is to provide light to the boy.
  • Towers Frame: Move up on the Towers Frame to see a star glow in the sky.
  • Paintings Frame: On the paintings frame, move right and focus on the lantern. Now place the Lantern Frame over the Star Frame — the lantern will light up!
  • Lantern Frame: Focus on the mirror in the upper-right corner and zoom into the room. There’s another window with a star, and a lantern inside.
  • Dark Room Frame: In the dark room, focus on the upper-left corner. There’s a shelf there with a hand statue. Connect the left / right sides of the shelf to knock the hand statue off.
  • Pencil Box Frame: Focus on the image of the pencils on the pencil box frame. When you’re zoomed in, split the frame. On the Map Frame, focus on the rock image, then combine the Box Frame with the Coal Image Frame.
  • Lantern / Nails Box Frame: Do the same thing to the Nails Box Frame. The goal is to make the right side of the shelf heavier than the left side. Zoom into the Nails, split the frame, zoom out and focus on the cloud / cotton ball instead.
  • The lantern should now slide onto the right shelf (if the shelves are still connected) — now you need to light the lantern. Zoom out of the left shelf, and into the window with the star.
    • Combine the Lantern Frame with the Window / Star Frame to light up the boy’s room.
  • Lantern Frame: A moth will land on the lantern. Focus on the symbol on the moth’s wing. After two focuses, split the frame. Zoom out of the Yellow Symbol Frame.
  • Moth Wing Frame: Like the Yellow Symbol Frame, zoom out of the Moth Wing Frame — zoom out three times to see the boy studying. Focus on the boy’s thought bubble.
  • Garden Rooftop Frame: Place the two rooftop gardens together, side-by-side to connect them. The boy will walk left to the darker edge of the garden. Follow him — on the left garden frame, go left. On the right rooftop, zoom out to return to the Bombed Study Frame.
  • Garden / Boy Rooftop Frame: On the garden rooftop where the boy is looked at a ruined horse statue, focus on the background and enter another room where the boy is studying.
  • Bombed Study Frame: Go left in the Bombed Study and focus on the lantern / box of coal. The rumbling will cause a chunk of coal to roll out of the box, breaking the vase. You’ll need to drop the coal onto the glass dome holding the moth in the Warm Study Frame.
    • Doing that is pretty complicated. Here’s what you need to do.
  • Breaking the Glass Cage:
    1. Zoom into the shelves with the falling coal. See the banners hanging from the shelves? They’re identical to the banners on the Building Exterior Frame, visible when you zoom out of the Warm Study Frame.
    2. Zoom out of the Warm Study window and connect the yellow banners. The coal will roll into the Building Exterior Frame and slowly roll down — zoom out of the Lantern / Coal Shelf Frame and focus on the shelves with the brown / green banners. Connect the banners together.
    3. To complete the puzzle, zoom into the Warm Study and focus on the blue / red banners in the upper-left corner. Connect the banners, and the coal will fall right onto the glass cage.
  • Bombed Study Frame: In the dimly lit study, the boy will think about constellations. Focus on the thought bubble constellation. A bright star will appear — focus on the unlit lantern on the left of the Warm Study. Combine the unlit lantern (with the broken moth cage) with the constellation star.
  • Moth Frame: Focus on the moth’s wing when it lands on the lantern. Zoom in, then split the frames — zoom all the way out of the Warm Study Frame, until you’re back at the destroyed horse statue. Move right to find the young boy with the blue offering bowl.
    • Zoom out of the Yellow Symbol Frame. The light brown dead leaves should now connect the frame with the boy to the statue frame.
  • Graveyard Frame: The boy will step into the Graveyard Frame. Follow him left, then zoom out to find the boy studying at a Library.
    • On the rooftop frame the boy just left, then return to the Warm Study Frame — the boy is now gone. Zoom in on the device on the shelf in the upper-right corner.
  • Pressure Cooker Frame: The goal now is to heat up the pressure cooker device until the red pin hits the red zone. To do that, go to the Library Frame and move right to see the boy’s thought bubble. Split the frame.
  • With the frame split, zoom out of the Green Hill Frame to see the boy sitting at a magnifying glass. Zoom in on the Clocktower in the background, and split the frame again. You’ll now have four frames to choose from.
  • Clocktower Frame: We now have another goal — getting the clocktower to the correct time. Zoom in on the magnifying glass case to see — the red needle should be pointing down-left, the blue needle should be pointing down-right.
    • Red Pin: In the Library, move right and focus on the fireplace. The bronze pot in the fireplace matches the bronze pressure cooker — match the bottom of the pot with the top of the cooker and the red pin will move to the red zone. Zoom into the dial.
    • Blue Pin: For the blue pin, go to the Clock Frame and zoom out, then focus on the Compass. To move the compass, zoom out of the Fireplace Frame in the Library and find the globe. Focus on the blue star at the top of the globe — it’s magnetic! Place the magnetic star in the bottom-right, and the compass in the upper-left.
  • Clocktower Frame: Now, combine the red pin with the blue pin, and the Clocktower with both pins. Zoom out to see the day has changed to the correct time.
    • Focus on the star glowing in the sky. Combine the star in the sky with a close-up of the moon attached to the globe model to light up the moon.
  • Moth Frame: Once again, a moth will be drawn to a light. Focus on the wing pattern and split the frame. Zoom out of both — you’ll find a Forest Path Frame.
  • Graveyard Frame: Return to the graveyard where the boy is sitting, through the Library window. The boy has moved to the right of the graveyard — find him, and connect the new Forest Path Frame to his path.
    • Move left on the Forest Path Frame to watch the boy pick the yellow fruit from the tree and place it in his bowl.

With the yellow fruit collected, we’re now down three chapters. There are still three more to go, and the next one is even more complicated.