Gorogoa’s Fresh Trailer Speaks of Magic, the Impossible & Imagination

Described as a “beautiful hand-drawn story suspended inside a completely unique puzzle”, Gorogoa is a hand-drawn, interactive experience aesthetically inspired by the works of Christopher Manson and Arnold Lobel. The level of detail and unusual patterns present in the game’s illustrations looks a bit like Charles Darwin’s illustrations for Origin of Species meets the surrealist touch of Magritte. But the strangest thing about Gorogoa is its gameplay mechanic, which centres around separate, interactive tiles that can move around each other to create entirely new scenes.

Gorogoa featured at last year’s Day of the Devs event in November, along with a bunch of other highly-anticipated indie games. Development on the game started back in 2011, with lead developer Jason Roberts selecting the name ‘Gorogoa’ based on an imaginary creature from his youth.

Gorogoa is scheduled for release in the Spring of 2017 for PC and iOS devices. Check out the game’s reveal trailer here.

Source: Annapurna Pictures