Artistic Puzzler Gorogoa Gears Up for Switch, PC & iOS Release

Jason Roberts’ ode to riddles, tribute to complex art, and hymn of the imagination Gorogoa has confirmed its launch schedule. Expected to release tomorrow, the illustrative puzzle game invites players to interactively break apart a lavish world, and reconstruct it into a meaningful vision. Behind the strange shapes and blank comic stills, there’s a personal narrative that yearns to be discovered.

Built from thousands of pictures, Gorogoa has been described as ‘a work of art’ which transcends the notions of what a game can or should be—a philosophical discussion for another day, perhaps. By re-arranging panels on the screen, different landscapes come to life, new sequences are unlocked, and your brain gets a wonderful workout. I’ve just got one question—what does ‘Gorogoa’ actually mean?

Gorogoa hits the App Store, Steam and Nintendo Switch on December 14, but if you’d like to place a reservation for a puzzling good time, make sure to pre-order it for $4.99 USD today. The Nintendo Switch version will cost you $14.99 USD.