Agents of Mayhem: Agent Oni Breakdown | Characters Guide

Set as a spin-off of the Saints Row series, Agents of Mayhem follows a special organization known as M.A.Y.H.E.M. that hires specialized soldiers in their quest to keep the world at peace. This is easier said than done however as the M.A.Y.H.E.M. team is constantly at war with a supervillain organization known as L.E.G.I.O.N.

Within the video game, players will go through a campaign as they stop the evil organization from another attempt at world domination. Luckily, the game offers a wide assortment of characters to use as you progress through the narrative.

Each character, or otherwise known as an agent for M.A.Y.H.E.M., offers their own unique abilities and attributes when going through the campaign. Best of all, as you unlock these agents, you’ll be able to swap them out from your party before missions.

In this guide, we’ll cover a breakdown of Oni. Check out the character background and stock abilities down below, likewise, check out our other agent character breakdowns featured right here on Gameranx.

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Oni Guide
Legal Name
  • Masamune Senichi
  • Oni
Former Occupation
  • Former Yakuza Hitman


Oni took on the life of crime though when he realized that the family was taking orders above from Legion, he decided to bring it down with his own two hands. Impressed with his work, Mayhem offered a spot on their team, which he gladly accepted to further reign terror on the dark organization.

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Fear the Demon

  • Unleash a toxin that causes enemies nearby to panic.

Silenced Pistol

  • Your standard silenced pistol can get the job done while avoid unwanted attention.

Fear Tactic

  • Deliver a critical hit in which the enemies that survive will become panicked while those that die will automatically cause your cooldown to instantly reset.



Kanabo Enhancement

  • Oni deals with Legion efficiently with stronger special attacks.
    • Increase special ability power

Unnerving Advance

  • The mere sight of Oni causes the mind to reel and the pain to linger.
    • Increase special ability status effect duration

Pure Demon

  • His demonic countenance and cold demeanor make Oni the scariest thing on the battlefield.
    • Increase aura expansion amount


  • Oni’s presence on the team helps everyone focus their fire a little better.
    • Increase weak point damage (Squad Bonus)



Unstoppable Force

  • Oni’s intimidating stare passive also grants him precision when slowing a target.

Smoke Screen

  • Dropping a smoke bomb instantly reloads Oni’s weapon.


  • By killing panicked enemies during his Mayhem ability, Oni increases Panic duration in others, extending his Mayhem ability duration.

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