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Set as a spin-off of the Saints Row series, Agents of Mayhem follows a special organization known as M.A.Y.H.E.M. that hires specialized soldiers in their quest to keep the world at peace. This is easier said than done however as the M.A.Y.H.E.M. team is constantly at war with a supervillain organization known as L.E.G.I.O.N.

Within the video game, players will go through a campaign as they stop the evil organization from another attempt at world domination. Luckily, the game offers a wide assortment of characters to use as you progress through the narrative.

Each character, or otherwise known as an agent for M.A.Y.H.E.M., offers their own unique abilities and attributes when going through the campaign. Best of all, as you unlock these agents, you’ll be able to swap them out from your party before missions.

In this guide, we’ll cover a breakdown of Daisy. Check out the character background and stock abilities down below, likewise, check out our other agent character breakdowns featured right here on Gameranx.

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Daisy Guide
Legal Name
  • Piper Andrews
  • Daisy
Former Occupation
  • Derby Girl


It wasn’t a second guess for Mayhem when offering Daisy a spot on the Mayhem team. Despite her constant struggle with police enforcement, Daisy proved that she is a fearless woman who will push through anything that comes her way.

Official Meet Daisy Video




Jammer Mode

  • Daisy’s Heavy Mini will not build up any heat and will increase rate of fire for a brief amount of time.

Heavy Mini

  • The Heavy Mini might not be the most precise weapon for precision aiming, but it certainly tackles on a horde of enemies that gets in its range.

Kick Out The Jams

  • Ram enemies to knock them back and cool down the Heavy Mini. Once cooled, a shockwave will unleash knocking back all enemies around the area.



Derby Doll

  • When Daisy sets her eyes on the prize, that prize should probably run.
    • Increase Mayhem ability duration


  • When Daisy decides to head in a direction, you should get out of the way.
    • Increase Special ability damage


  • When it comes to spitting out little lead balls of death, Daisy can be surprisingly impatient.
    • Increase weapon spin up reduction

Lead Jammer

  • Years of leading the Devilles to victory have proven Daisy’s chops as a woman you can follow.
    • Increase max health (Squad Bonus)



Standing Tall

  • While in Fine Aim, Daisy gains fortify.

Body Cleanse

  • Daisy loses all debuffs when she uses a special ability.

Rough Rider

  • Daisy gains health back for everyone she kills while using her Mayhem ability.

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