Shadow Tactics: All Developer NPC Locations | Mimimi Guide

Go hunting for hidden developer-named NPCs and earn the “Mimimi” achievement / trophy with this quick Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun guide, complete with pictures of each map location. Punish developers for their vanity, foolishly naming completely kill-able NPCs after themselves — they’re just asking to get stabbed by a stealth ninja.

There’s really no benefit to killing the NPCs, but it is the only way to get 100% completion. It’s also a fun little added challenge. Not that Shadow Tactics needs more challenge — many of the badges are grueling challenges most of us won’t even come close to completing. Still, this is a pretty attainable goal. Happy hunting!

All Developer NPC Locations | Mimimi Guide


To earn the “Mimimi” achievement / trophy, you’ll need to kill all 16 developer NPCs. There are 13 missions, so some levels have more than one developer NPC. Check every character in the following locations — developers aren’t always guards. Sometimes you’ll find civilians with the developer marker.

Mission 1: The Siege of Osaka

  • Dev NPC #1: Ayakawa Ohara – Near the final objective in the mission, you’ll find a small triage area with a nurse tending to the wounded. The nurse is the developer NPC.

Mission 2: Trouble on the Nakasendo

  • Dev NPC #2: Auamakushimirian – On the north side of the river, there’s a small camp where soldiers and civilians are sleeping. One of the sleeping NPCs has a developer name.

Mission 3: The Thieves of Imai

  • Dev NPC #3: Maniwa Namakemono – The small red cart can deliver the player up to the north corner of the map, by the north gate. The cart stops near a small building with two tall blue flags at the front door — the developer NPC is standing here.

Mission 4: Escape from Mount Tsuru

  • Dev NPC #4: Ryota Jojotoro – On the west side of the map, you’ll find a woman wearing a kimono Aiko can steal. Up the stone steps, the guard watching her is a developer NPC.
  • Dev NPC #5: Domzo Abe – In the same area, a guard patrols across the wooden rope bridge. This is the second developer NPC in this mission.

Mission 5: Killing Lord Yabu

  • Dev NPC #6: Intafesu no Jonzumasuta – Stands guard at the hot spring, north of the main estate. He patrols near the small shack by the water.

Mission 6: Spies In Hide Village

  • Dev NPC #7: Fridoluso Ferikkusu – On the western edge of the map, south of the Tavern, find this man sitting near a house. He’ll sometimes patrol further west and return to his spot.

Mission  7: Suganuma Rescue

  • Dev NPC #8: Lu-Kumawakamaru – One of the guards standing below the watchtower, directly north of the hero starting location.

Mission 8: Attack on Kanazawa

  • Dev NPC #9: Firippo Pekotsu – Found in the stone tower in the center of the castle’s inner courtyard. You’re very likely to kill this developer NPC naturally as you play.

Mission 9: The Death of Kage-sama

  • Dev NPC #10: Firippu Raiumori – The developer NPC is sitting in the bamboo forest in the northeast corner of the map. He watches the area from his seat, just north of the pair of Straw Hats.

Mission 10: Betrayal at Mount Tsuru

  • Dev NPC #11: Denisu Hasusake – After encountering Mugen, you’ll unlock the southern part of the map. The developer NPC patrols just beneath the guard carrying the shuriken equipment.

Mission 11: Matsuyama City

  • Dev NPC #12: Shirohana-Hime – The female developer NPC is found in the courtyard with the woman wearing the kimono Aiko can steal. She’s talking to a man right next to a large hiding spot.
  • Dev NPC #13: Hattori Hambo – The developer NPC is one of the guards in the hot springs area, talking to another guard near the wooden pavilion Masaru uses for his hot bath.

Mission 12: A Fateful Meeting

  • Dev NPC #14: Oda Cemunaga – Found in the camp you can poison with sleeping sake. He’s the sitting samurai, sitting near the side entrance to the Shogun’s inner camp. 

Mission 13: The Death of Noboru

  • Dev NPC #15: Sesshu Floyo – This is the guard sitting on a rock in the central garden, watching the patrolling samurai who holds the well key.
  • Dev NPC #16: Itto Mogami Waguna – The final developer NPC is one of the bottom soldiers in the long line-up at the shooting range in the upper tier of the castle, available after using the unlocked wells.

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