Uncharted 4: Stage Fright | E3 2015 Stage Demo Easter Egg

Only on PS4: Spend 30 seconds of silence and relive a memorable glitch from the 2015 Uncharted 4 E3 presentation in this trophy / Easter egg combo.


Unlock a secret trophy and relive a frightening moment for Naughty Dog in Uncharted 4 with this glitch-tastic Easter egg. Referencing a moment from Sony’s E3 2015 live presentation of Uncharted 4, things looked grim after what appeared to be a game crash right as gameplay started. Following a tense 30-seconds of inactivity, the developers managed to figure out the problem — a controller.

While the rest of the world stopped caring about this blunder about an hour later, the guys at Naughty Dog didn’t forget, and decided to memorialize that moment with a hidden trophy in Uncharted 4. Below we’ll explain how to unlock it. Spoiler alert: if you read the explanation above, you probably have a pretty good idea how this Easter egg works.

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Stage Fright| E3 2015 Stage Demo Easter Egg

To unlock the Stage Fright trophy, start-up Chapter 11 and escape the clock tower. Nate will step into the busy market and stand at the ledge overlooking the sprawling city below. He’ll make a turn and stop while Sully rushes into the crowd. From this point on, the cutscene will end.


Want to unlock the trophy? Here’s what you do:

  1. Don’t move.
  2. Don’t move for thirty (30) seconds.

Follow those instructions and the trophy will pop.

It looks like Naughty Dog has a good sense of humor if they thought to include this little Easter egg. Now it’s your turn — found any cool Easter eggs we didn’t? Drop us a tip in the comments!

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