Multiple Award-Winning Strategy ‘Mushroom Wars 2’ Cooking Up Toadstool Warfare

Get yo fungi on.

You might like them sautéed, chargrilled, or stir fried, but these mushrooms aren’t going down without a fight. Mushroom Wars 2 puts you in charge of an army of war-hungry fungiform fighters that seek nothing more than to conquer opposing tribes (Goombas not included).

Mushroom Wars 2 is the sequel to the successful 2003 PlayStation 3 title Mushroom Wars, and follows a similar premise. Players become the general of a mushroom army who must skillfully conduct his troops as they criss-cross between tower defence, holding settlements, and progress through a challenging story campaign.

The visuals are much prettier looking in the second offering, evident in the dense textures and softer digital rendering with less pronounced outlines. This extends to both gameplay and the 12 different heroes players can select from, each of whom comes with unique special skills.

In addition to its 100 mission long story campaign, Mushroom Wars comes with online multiplayer for up to 4 people, quick-session battles, multiple map configurations, and a league system plus ranked matches so you can put your competitive toadstool tendencies to the test. If you’re feeling especially brave, there’s an upcoming Mushroom Wars 2 ESL tournament with a $3,000 USD prize pool up for grabs. Sounds delicious enough.

Mushroom Wars 2 will be available through Steam (PC, Mac) from October 6.