Google’s ARCore Teams With Unity, Gives Game Developers ‘Xtra’ Flexibility

Unity’s XR branch has unified with Google’s Immersive Computing team to facilitate the creation of AR experiences on Android devices.

The ARCore SDK preview, which is now available for download, enables developers to create realistic virtual objects, walk around and interact with virtual creations rendered in a 3D world, and gussy them up with dynamic lighting that’s responsive to the environment. It’s a software solution that’s breaking down virtual boundaries and hurdles to give developers the opportunity to reach bigger audiences, right off the bat.

ARCore is integrated natively with Unity 2017.2 Beta 9 and was designed to ensure current and future Android devices are ready for optimal AR performance. It will support millions of devices, which currently includes Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 7.0 Nougat or above) and Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

Unity wants to ensure the democritisation of technology accessibility through ARCore, which gives developers the power to scale existing apps and create new, high performance AR Android apps.

Last month, Unity announced that it would be adding support for Microsoft’s Xbox One X console.