Unity 2017 Out Now, Introduces Powerful New Visual Tools

What do Thomas Was Alone, 7 Days to Die and Pokémon GO all have in common? If you answered they’re all extremely popular games, you’d be correct. But the other factor linking them all together is that they use the Unity game engine. Unity 2017, the latest iteration of Unity, was announced at GDC this year. It’s Unity’s first subscription-based (Personal, Plus and Pro) product and packs in over 100 new features that improve both graphics quality and runtime performance.

The opening Unite Europe keynote acted as a springboard for Unity 2017’s newest tools, highlighting Timeline and the Cinemachine smart camera system. Additional features include an improved post-processing stack (fully expected to release this Summer) and the launch of Unity Collaborate, which will become part of team-based solution Unity Teams. Unity Teams is designed to speed up the iteration process of trial and improvement for all game development personnel and is free until October 2017.

Download Unity 2017.1 here.