Unite Europe 2017 Takes Centre Stage in Amsterdam

Unite is a global series of conferences hosted by Unity in the spirit of interactive learning and creativity. It provides a platform for artists, creators and programmers to brainstorm emergent ideas together, and has been in operation for a decade now. Branching out from San Francisco, Unite has crossed international borders into Europe, Asia, South America and Australia. From June 27 – 29, Unite Europe 2017 will be taking place in game development hotspot Amsterdam. Below is the opening keynote presentation, which explains the process behind Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun being reimagined for mobile. Developer Mimimi Productions recently announced it would be porting the historical stealth title to console, but it’s clean UI would definitely suit touch devices, so we may be getting another announcement in the near future.

The keynote showcased the power of new features present in Unity 2017, which is set to launch this July. Timeline is a powerful visual tool which lets artists and designers to create cinematic content like cutscenes much more smoothly, and without a single line of code. Similarly, the Cinemachine smart camera system will massively reduce the amount of time required for hand animation and camera programming. The camera technology adapts to outside changes and will allow users to dynamically follow characters and optimise scene composition. This is particularly prevalent for a game like Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun, which features a 360 screen rotation feature that’s essential for examining surrounding environments, and successfully sneaking past guards.

Additional Unite 2017 events are scheduled to take place later this year.