Battlefield 1: How to Stop That EA Access Trial Message Pop-Up

Early-access Battlefield 1 fans on Xbox one are plagued with the obnoxious “EA Access Trial” pop-up — here are a couple ways to get rid of it forever.


EA Access trial pop-ups ruining your online experience in Battlefield 1? You’re not alone, but thankfully the community has cobbled together a solution to this aggravating problem. We’ve found a couple methods to solve the bug, just keep scrolling down to skip the introductions and get some answers.

If you’re lucky enough to be unfamiliar with this oddball bug, many players are periodically getting a pop-up related to the early-access 10 hour period, giving you an in-game countdown and blocking your view on Xbox One. That’s pretty unacceptable. If you still have free trial time, we highly suggest you try one (or all) the community-sourced solutions in the full guide.

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How to Stop That EA Access Trial Message Pop-Up

You scrolled down here, so let’s not waste any time. Before attempting to reset your Xbox One (which can cause loss of files), try resetting your MAC Address.

  • How to Reset MAC Address:
    • Go to Network Settings ->Advanced -> Alternate MAC Address
    • Select “Clear MAC Address”
    • The Xbox One will restart.

This is the safest way to fix the problem, although it doesn’t seem to work for everyone. This method will not result in any lost files or deleted apps / settings.

WARNING: The second method involves resetting your Xbox One console — not restarting, RESETTING. If your Xbox save files are not synced to the Xbox Live cloud, they may become lost forever. 

If the first method didn’t work for you, try resetting the Xbox One console. Here’s how to do it:

  • How to Reset the Xbox One:
    • Select Settings [Left on Home] -> All Settings -> System
    • System -> Console Info & Updates -> Reset Console
    • Select “Reset and keep my games and apps”

If you don’t select “Reset and keep my games and apps” you’ll lose all currently downloaded software, save files, and anything else on your HD. We suggest you don’t do that — although resetting still has a chance to cause other problems; you will lose any preferences settings and Xbox gamertag info.

Even if you select “Reset and keep my games and apps” — it may still delete a majority of your games / apps. Use this trick at your own risk.

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