Battlefield 1: Elite Classes & Weapon Locations | Open Beta Guide


Battlefield 1 features another unique feature alongside vehicle classes — elite classes. There are three elite classes available; the Sentry, the Flame Trooper, and the Tank Hunter. Remember those giant armored juggernauts shown in the trailer, or the terrifying flamethrower soldiers in gas masks? You can play as these soldiers, each with their own unique (and very powerful) features.

The armor-plated Sentry is a walking tank, while the Flame Trooper is an iconic fixture of World War 1, burning the trenches black with a steady stream of flame. The last Elite Class is the Tank Hunter, armed with a massive rifle able to destroy or disable tanks from a safe distance. Here we’ll breakdown the features of all three Elite Classes and how to acquire their kits. Keep scrolling to get the info.

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Elite Classes & Weapon Locations | Open Beta Guide

There are three Elite Classes in Battlefield 1. They are unlocked by collecting the unique weapon associated with their class; a flamethrower, a heavy machinegun, or an anti-tank rifle. There is only one of each of these weapons in every map, and both teams must vie over the privilege of collecting these powerful classes.

Elite Classes – What Makes Them Special? 

  • Flame Trooper
    • Uses the Flamethrower – Very short range but devastating to soldiers or vehicles.
    • Bullet Resistant Armor
    • Weak to melee but is equipped with a gas mask.
  • Sentry
    • Uses the MG 08/15, a hip-fired water-cooled machinegun – Medium-Short range.
    • Heavy Plate Armor (Resistant to All Damage Types)
    • Slow movement and no gas mask.
  • Tank Hunter
    • Uses the Tankgewehr 1918, a massive Anti-Tank Rifle – Long range.
    • Can disable individual parts of a tank from long-distance.
    • No extra armor or scope, careful aiming and concealment is key.


Sinai Map – Where to Find Elite Classes 

Note: All locations are based on Conquest Flag Markers.

  • Flame Trooper: The Flamethrower is located at the base of the steps of the building found at the [B] Flag.
  • Sentry: The MG 08/15 and Plate Armor crate is located under the tent near the [F] Flag.
  • Tank Hunter: The Tankgewehr 1918 is located in the wooden camp area at the [E] Flag.

Both teams can access these special Elite Class kits, so you’ll have to move fast to get them first. Collecting an Elite Class weapon transforms you instantly into that class — you’ll gain all the movement limitations of the Sentry with the MG 08/15, and your vision will be slightly obscured while using the Flamethrower because of the Flame Trooper’s gas mask.

These are powerful classes that allow a single player to hold down a flag, harass the opposing team, or disable tanks from very long range.