LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game Walkthrough | Level 5: Dark Ravine

Drag Lord Garmadon’s useless four-armed butt through the Dark Ravine in Level 5 of the LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game.

Lord Garmadon just won’t give up. In Level 5 of The LEGO Ninjago Movie Video Game, you’ll have to get Lord Garmadon through a treacherous cavern filled with creepy crawlers and fighting skeletons. Each gate is locked with a “Garmadon Cage Pad” — you’ll have to get Garmadon to each pad, and that can get tricky when the cavern is full of wall runs and other obstacles the caged Warlord can’t interact with.

At least you’ll learn some new spinjitzu abilities. In this stage, Nya and Zane unlock their inner peace — Zane can freeze waterfalls, turning them into steps or vertical wall runs to access previously impossible areas. Nya’s powers are a little less complicated. She can shoot water that fills up containers or vessels, weighing them down, or creating fountains that Zane can freeze. Combining elemental powers is the best kind of teamwork.

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Walkthrough | Level 5: The Dark Ravine

Another easy level to access. Just follow the blue markers straight to the green glowing circle in the distance. Enter the circle and you’ll travel to The Dark Ravine.


Chapter 9: The Dark Ravine

Zane achieves inner balance in the first cutscene – which is a weird way of saying, he can use spinjitzu! For this chapter, you’ll have Zane, Nya, Lloyd, Cole and Lord Garmadon to choose from. Lord Garmadon is stuck in his cage, so probably best to play as any of the other Ninjas.

Instead of breaking cracked LEGO bricks, Zane has an ice element spinjitzu. Target waterfalls to freeze them – frozen waterfalls become vertical wall runs! Use Zane’s spinjitzu on the waterfall, and the one above it. At the top, you’ll find a Garmadon Cage Pad. That means you need to get Garmadon up to the pad to open the locked door.

Grapple down the mine cart and build the LEGO contraption to lower the lift for Lord Garmadon.

Garmadon can’t wall run, so you’ll have to find a different path. Go to the wooden lift and grapple the LEGO stuff on the ledge to pull it down, then build the hopping bricks. Use any spinjitzu on the the red marker to lower the lift, and use it again to raise it, bringing Garmadon up. Swap to Garmadon and stand on the pad to unlock the gate leading deeper into the ravine.

The next room ends with another Garmadon Cage Pad. Jump across the poles and go up the ramp to the left. At the top, you’ll encounter skeletons! Defeat five of these bone-white menaces to clear a vertical wall run near the ledge. Go up and freeze the waterfall (Zane spinjitzu) so your ninja team and complete a vertical wall run across the frozen falls. Run across and jump to the pole, hopping on the tiny columns until you reach a cracked wall. Use Cole’s spinjitzu to smash that yellow cracked LEGO.

Zane can freeze waterfalls with his spinjitzu, creating perfect wall run surfaces.

Jump down and cross the bridge, then spinjitzu the red marker to lower the lift. Do it again to hoist Garmadon up. He can stand on the pad next to the rope bridge on the right – it raises another spinjitzu marker. Hit it to raise the lift, and hit it again to ride down with everyone. Step onto the Garmadon Cage Pad to unlock the door to the third room.

Follow the blue waypoint through the mines, smashing skeletons as they appear. Eventually, you’ll reach a waterfall. Freeze it with Zane’s ice elemental powers. This time you’ll create steps, so Garmadon can follow you up. Turn right and hop across the columns to reach an arena with creepy crawling spiders! Smash them all, then use Cole to break the cracked LEGO object above the stream. That unblocks the waterfall so you can freeze it.

After bringing Garmadon up with the lift, use him to activate this small Cage Pad.

At the top, you’ll reach a horizontal wall run that Garmadon can’t use. Wall run, defeat the spiders, and jump across the poles to reach the exit door. Now you just need Garmadon! Smash the glowing LEGO object near the missing bridge to create a spinjitzu marker. It’ll move the lift over – it’ll automatically return this time, too! Get Garmadon on the Garmadon Cage Pad to unlock yet another gate.

In the fourth chamber, bounce over the columns and fight through the skeletons. Over the bridge, use Lloyd on the glowing vines to cut through. Defeat the skeletons, and at the gate, break both barrels. Build the hopping bricks to create a new device.

Use Nya’s water spinjitzu to fill vessels like this. Keep that in mind for later!

The quick cutscene here shows Nya learn her own spinjitzu ability. She can harness the power of water. Whenever you see a water container, use spinjitzu to fill it with water! That’ll open the gate to the fifth chamber.

There’s a lift ahead. Wall run up to the left of the lift, and use Nya’s water elemental powers to raise the lift, bringing Garmadon up. Ahead, there’s another exit gate with a Garmadon Cage Pad! And lots of skeletons. Smash the skeletons and get Garmadon on the pad.

Fill the vessels one at a time to raise up platforms and cross the giant ravine area.

Up next, you’ll have a huge bottomless ravine between you and the gate. Swap to Nya and fill the first vessel to the right. Each vessel you fill will raise up a platform. Keep filling vessels and jumping across platforms. There are some spiders at the end. Nothing trained ninja can’t handle.

At the wooden gate with the pair of giant statues, build the loose hopping bricks and then use Nya’s spinjitzu on both blue-sparkling LEGO inputs. When both statues are spewing water, swap to Zane and freeze both water fountains. It will bust open the gate and create a slide! Ramp down and jump across the ravine. Defeat all seven skeletons to complete the level.

That’s it! The team can’t waste any time. It’s all about finding the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon now. Before we can reach the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon, the team will need to make a pitstop at the Lost City of Generals.