Pokemon Go: How To Catch Zapdos | Walkthrough Guide

Zapdos makes its entrance to Pokemon Go.

The developers behind Pokemon Go recently announced that legendaries were being tossed out for gamers to catch. There are a few requirements however to catch this fabled type of Pokemon such as dealing with Raids. If you’re still on the hunt to catch them all, then check out our latest guide as we go over just how to collect the legendary Pokemon Zapdos.

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How To Battle Zapdos

As mentioned, you’ll need to enter a Raid. These Raids became available as part of a new update to the beloved Pokemon video game application. Essentially, these Raids are random where teams of players can gather and work together to defeat the Raid boss.

Each Raid boss can be different and depend on the level, which goes up to level five, for instance, level five Raids will be legendary based.

If you’re interested in learning more about Raids, how to access them along with what Pokemon will be attached to the different level Raid gyms then take a look at our raid themed guides posted above.

Best Pokemon To Use

There’s a wide range of different combination of Pokemon to use. There’s even an official guide on the matter offered by The Pokemon Company.

We’re going to make this real simple for you. Because Zapdos is a electric and flight-type Pokemon, you’ll want to use its weakness types. These include ice and rock-types. You can get away with a variety of different Pokemon but it best to create a roster around those specific types.

How To Catch

We spoke about this in our guide on catching Lugia and Articuno. When the Pokemon is defeated by your team of players, then you’ll need to use Golden Razz Berries before you start tossing out your Premier Ball’s.

This may take some patience and luck but if you feed enough Golden Razz Berries and toss in some curve balls with the Premier Ball, you should have no problem catching Zapdos.