Shaolin Shuffle: Here’s How To Play As Celebrity Guest Pam Grier

You don’t just fight with Pam Grier at your side in Shaolin Shuffle — now you can play as her too.

You don’t just fight with Pam Grier at your side in Shaolin Shuffle — now you can play as her too. We finally know how to unlock her as a playable character. Scroll down for the full explanation.

Like Kevin Smith and David Hasselhoff before her, each Call of Duty: Zombies map for Infinite Warfare includes a celebrity guest. These celebrities don’t just give out quests  — they’re all playable, totally unlockable heroes with their own quips and quirks.

Pam Grief follows the same formula as those other two heroes; first, you’ll need to complete the main Easter egg and unlock the ending cutscene. After that, you’ll need to input a very specific code. It’s kind of like a cheat code, and figuring it out all on your own is pretty darn tough. We won’t waste your time with all that, check out playable Pam Grier in action below.

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How to Unlock Playable Pam Grier

To play as Pam Grier, the very special celebrity guest in Shaolin Shuffle, you’ll need to follow these simple steps.

  1. Complete the main Easter egg, collect the piece of the Soul Key and watch the ending cutscene at least once.
    • Exit the session to register your completion.
  2. Input the following D-Pad code while on the Custom Match screen with Shaolin Shuffle selected.
    • Up
    • Up
    • Right
    • Left
    • Down
    • Left

If you input that code fast enough, you’ll select Pam Grier as your playable character. You’ll have to input this code every time you want to play as her — you’ll know you’ve correctly input the code if a Pam Grier icon appears on your screen.

[Watch Pam Grier in action with this video by MrDalekJD on YouTube.]

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