Infinite Warfare: Rave in the Redwoods – All 10 Charms | Easter Egg Guide

Fill your charm bracelet on Rave in the Redwoods with these super-hidden Easter egg perk quests, allowing you to add permanent charm to your weapon and unlock special perks that are only available by following these completely convoluted methods.

Like most COD: Zombies Easter eggs, there’s only the barest hint of reason or logic involved here, so it’s almost impossible to do on your own. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of charm locations, ritual sites, and explanations for each weird little quest. Even if you find the charms, doing the quests can be a weird affair. You’ll have to stomp on neon frogs, shoot Rave Mode targets, blow up orbs, or follow bloody footprints. The tasks are pretty varied, but that only adds to the fun, right?

Check out the complete guide (with video from the community) below for a closer look.

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All 10 Charms | Easter Egg Guide

By completing special charm mini-quests on Rave in the Redwoods, you’ll unlock bonus perks that you wouldn’t normally be able to get. There are a total of 10 charms, and each charm comes with a unique little quest to give these special optional items power.

Note: Each charm, once powered-up, is attached to whatever weapon you’re holding. You can have, at max, three charms equipped at once if you’ve unlocked all three weapon slots.

That means there are a grand total of 10 mini-quests to complete to get them all, and many of these quests are extremely hard to explain in text. To make life easier, just check out this video by Youtuber MrDalekJD for the super-specific details, below we’ll provide information on each of these charms — how to get the quests started, what you need, and which perks you’ll unlock.

Charm #1: Shovel

  • Perk: Coming soon.
  • Item Locations:
    • On the rocky forced path near the HVR in the Old Mines.
    • Next to an old shack before reaching the Recreation Area. Look for it leaning against a stack of tires, next to the bow target range.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place the shovel on the gravemarker in the dirty stream as you reach the bridge that forms the exit of the Mess Hall.

After placing the shovel in the grave, a group of 15~ skeleton zombies will spawn. These are tougher than normal, so be prepared. Kill them all to charge the shovel charm.

Charm #2: Arrowhead

  • Perk: Coming Soon
  • Item Locations:
    • Ground under the large “Bear Lake Mess Hall” sign, underneath the smaller “Lake” sign, slightly to the right.
    • As you leave the porch of the Spawn Lodge, look at the base of a lamp post to the right of the steps down as you move toward the Bear Lake Docks.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place the arrowhead on the front desk of the bow target range in the Recreation Area.

After placing the arrowhead, enter Rave Mode and shoot the targets that appear down-range. Shoot the targets as soon as they appear — don’t miss a single one. Don’t reload if you run out of ammo between targets, just switch guns. If you don’t destroy them all in one go, you’ll have to restart. Completing the target sequence charges the charm.

Charm #3: Binoculars

  • Perk: Electric Cherry On Reload
  • Item Locations:
    • On a bench outside the Mess Hall interior.
    • On the beer crates in the Recreation Area.
  • Ritual Location:
    • On a bench outside the Bait & Tackle store in the Bear Lake docks, near the gazebo with the KBS Longbow Sniper Rifle.

After placing the item on the ritual site, purchase the nearby KBS Longbow and target 8 floating eyeballs in the distance, all surrounding the gazebo where the Sniper Rifle is available to purchase. The shots will only count while standing near the Fortune Teller. 2 are behind the Fortune Teller, 1 is above Slappy Taffy, and the final five are on the totems over on Turtle Island.

Next, you’ll have to get 15~ zombie headshots, also while standing next to the Fortune Teller. Continue until a plume of smoke appears over the placed item (binoculars) — go collect the charm.

Charm #4: Ring

  • Perk: Coming Soon
  • Item Locations:
    • On the stairs to the left of the Bang Bang perk machine.
    • Take the back entrance from the Mess Hall and look on the stairs landing.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place the ring on the desk (with the TV) to the left of the fireplace in the Spawn Lodge.

After placing the ring, two large lamps will activate. One is above the fireplace, and one is near the stairs, to the left of the Vlad weapon case. Interact with the lamps and turn them until their beams of bright light both face the ring. Once they’re completely turned, the ring will be charged.

Charm #5: Bird Mask / Keys

  • Perk: Coming Soon
  • Item Locations:
    • At the Adventure Course, take the stairs up and cross the two rubber tire bridges to the third wooden landing. Look in the dark corner to the right just as you step off the second tire bridge.
    • Look under the two-steps at to the first Bear Lake Dock, when coming from the Mess Hall dirt path (and passing the camp).
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place the Bird Mask on the empty frame to the back-right of the Mess Hall as you enter from Spawn. There’s a set of keys hanging right next to this frame.

See those keys? They’ll move slightly after you place the Bird Mask. Shoot those wobbly keys until they fall down, allowing you to grab them.

Charm #6: 8-Ball 

  • Perk: Trail Blazers (Running slide now does damage.)
  • Item Locations:
    • Upper section of the Old Mines, on the ground across from the Recreation Area sign.
    • Or on the ground at the white tent in the rave-tastic Recreation Area.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place on the pool table on the second floor of the Spawn Lodge.

This one is also incredibly easy. All you need to do is shoot the white balls on the pool table after placing the 8-Ball. When you’re done shooting all three, the charm will be charged.

Charm #7: Fish

  • Perk: Momentum (Sprint speed increases as you sprint.)
  • Item Locations:
    • In the Swamp sewer tunnel. Look in the low water.
    • Underneath the Racing Stripes perk machine balcony, in the Camp Cabins area.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place on the floor of the docks right next to the Boathouse in Bear Lake.

After placing the fish, a glowing blue misty orb-thing will appear over the lake. Destroy it with any explosive weapon (Grenades, the Vlad Crossbow) — only explosive weapons will work. Destroying it will charge your charm.

Charm #8: Gold Frog

  • Perk: Coming Soon
  • Item Locations:
    • On a green chair in the Bait and Tackle shop at the Bear Lake Docks.
    • In the trailer’s open back-panel in the Recreation Area. Look inside near the tires.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Go down to the swampy stream outside the Mess Hall. Before reaching the sewer tunnel, look for a muddy spot on the left to place the frog.

This one is a little weird. Enter Rave Mode after placing the frog, and you’ll see more frogs in the swamp beneath a cliff. Instead of just shooting the neon frogs, you’ll have to do a jumping-melee attack to ground-pound while jumping off the short cliff. That’s the only way to smash these frogs.

It can take awhile, so grab the nearby fairy clusters to extend your Rave Mode time. The charm will be charged after you’ve finished jump-punching all the neon frogs.

Charm #9: Pacifier

  • Perk: Zombies are damaged by attacking the player.
  • Item Locations:
    • Near the rocks outside the Bait and Tackle shop in the Bear Lake Docks area. There’s a burning trashcan fire nearby.
    • In the washroom next to the Racing Stripes perk machine in the Camp Cabins area. Look in the corner, left of the sinks.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place on the long counter in the Mess Hall — that’s the counter separating the seating area from the kitchen.

Forcefields will appear and trap you inside the Mess Hall after placing the charm. All you have to do to charge it is kill 15~ or so zombies.

Charm #10: Boots

  • Perk: Causes Zombie heads to explode (damages nearby zombies) with headshots.
  • Item Locations:
    • At a trashcan, on the right-ish side of the docks with two large stacks of canoes.
    • Upper-left corner of the Firebird Ampitheater, next to the discarded beer bottles.
  • Ritual Location:
    • Place on the floor in the camp with the fireplace in the Camp Cabins area, next to the long red carpet.

After placing the boots, look on the ground for red footprints. Walk / sprint over each boot print to make it disappear while another one appears. You’ll need to follow these prints until you hear a horror music sting (that indicates the Slasher has walked by the open window) to complete this step.

There are three locations you’ll need to do this in; the Camp Cabins ritual site, the Spawn Room red carpet, and the Bear Lakes Docks from the Mess Hall.

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