Fan Group Creates Open-World Sonic Video Game

One of the biggest franchises in the nineties for the video game industry was Sonic the Hedgehog. Gamers controlled a blue hedgehog in a fast paced 2D platform Sega title as they stopped an evil scientist while rescuing innocent little creatures from their mechanical cocoons.

Since its first reveal, Sonic has been a staple name in the video game industry despite Sega having more than a few stumbles along the way. The transition from 2D to 3D for Sonic hasn’t been met with the most positive reception and it was rather recent that Sega revealed Sonic Mania, a 2D throwback Sonic video game title set to release next year.

Fans of the original titles that released for the Sega Genesis, or Sega Mega Drive depending on your location, are eagerly awaiting the throwback title release, but today we are getting news of a new and interesting fan project.

The video game is known as Sonic Utopia and it’s current in production through a small group, credits being Mr Lange, Murasaki Fox, Tpot, and PicsAndPixels. This project has taken Sonic the Hedgehog and placed him in 3D open-world.

There’s no word yet on if this video game will see a full release as the YouTube video description states that this is simply an experiment in an attempt to expand on the Sonic gameplay. However, the project is receiving plenty of buzz.

Gameplay looks incredibly well done with nearly everything in the development being made from scratch. Instead of keeping the project in only the hands of the group of developers working on this project, Mr Lange has uploaded the demo online allowing gamers to download it and try the title for themselves.