Homefront: The Revolution’s Day One Patch “Strongly Recommended”

Dambuster Studios “strongly” recommends that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players download and install the day one patch for Homefront: The Revolution when the game launches tomorrow.

It’s strongly suggested that players get the patch before playing the game due to the “range of performance and framerate improvements” the update focuses on.


In a message posted ahead of the game’s North American launch tomorrow, Dambuster said players should “make sure you have the most recent update(s) downloaded and installed”.

“The Day 1 update includes a range of performance and framerate improvements as well as other fixes to enhance your playthrough experience. We strongly recommend you have the Day 1 update installed before starting your playthrough.”

Detailed patch notes for the title update have not been confirmed.

Homefront: The Revolution launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in North America tomorrow, on Thursday in Europe, and on Friday in the UK and Ireland. You can check out the game’s opening cinematic trailer and 10 reasons why we think you should play the game.

The game sees a united Korea invade the US in 2027 following the collapse of the country’s economy and the crippling of the military via a backdoor in Korean tech.

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