See Homefront: The Revolution’s Opening Cinematic Trailer

Publisher Deep Silver and developer Dambuster Studios has released a new trailer which reveals the opening cinematic of Homefront: The Revolution.

The video details how North Korea became a major world power, a process that actually began in the 1970s with the Apex Corporation. The company’s technology was years ahead of America’s with smartphones and tablets being developed years before they hit the market in reality. Eventually, the company began making weapons which America bought in bulk but after a nuclear blast in the Middle East in 2025 US foreign policy and the domestic economy collapses, with the US defaulting on its debt to North Korea.

That’s when Apex activates the backdoor in its tech, neutralising America’s military. Korea troops began delivering add packages under the guise of restoring order but all that followed was an invasion by the Korean Peoples’ Army in 2027.

As the name of the game implies, it’s up to you take back the US, with the game being set in Philadelphia.

You can find out more about the Apex Corporation here.

Earlier this month, Deep Silver detailed the game’s Merits reward system which can unlock the cosmetic Red Rebel set Combat Gear for use in the game’s multiplayer resistance mode. They also released a trailer highlighting the street-by-street fight to retake Philadelphia.

As you’d expect from a game these days, there’s a range of pre-order incentives available from different retailers, details of which you can find here.

Homefront: The Revolution is set for release on May 17th, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.