10 Reasons Why You Should Play Homefront: The Revolution

Homefront The Revolution

Homefront: The Revolution has been in development for several years starting back as early as 2011 and throughout those early years in development the video game’s fate has been unclear. Homefront: The Revolution first started out under THQ by its development team, Kaos Studios, the same developers who originally released the first installment, Homefront. However, due to re-organization, THQ closed Kaos Studios in June 2011 and the game was sent to Crytek UK in order to continue its development. Although about a year later THQ filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and began to sell its assets along with their intellectual properties through an auction.

During the auction, Crytek was able to acquire the rights for Homefront: The Revolution in which they revealed that the game would continue its development but would now be co-published with Deep Silver. It was during this phase that we learned Crytek had made some adjustments to the overall game such as taking it away from its linear path and turning the title into a more open world structure. Development went smoothly until June 2014 when reports started to emerge that Crytek was struggling financially and ultimately withheld payments to Crytek UK staff members. As a result, most of the staff members refused to work on the game along with a number of employees quitting the company altogether.

Crytek announced in July of 2014, that the company was going through an internal restructuring and would be selling the intellectual property of Homefront to Koch Media, the parent company of Deep Silver. It was during this period that the game would continue development under a brand new development studio called Dambuster Studios which became the new home for most of the employees that worked under Crytek UK. As it stands right now, gamers who have been patiently waiting for the sequel to Homefront will finally get their hands on the game starting on May 17, 2016, for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. For those who are unsure about the game, here are ten pretty good reasons why you should pick it up when it drops this May.


#10 Dambuster Studios Offering Free DLC Post-Launch

Dambuster Studios

With so many ups and downs during Homefront: The Revolution’s development process, there’s bound to be a few ideas that never made it into the full video game. Luckily, developers at Dambuster Studios have revealed plans for the game post-launch. This title will have plenty of DLC releasing after the game launches and best of all, it comes completely free. Gamers won’t have to pay for any new missions that the developers will be releasing throughout the year and there’s not going to be any sort of map packs that will cause players to further pay into the game.

While we have no idea just what missions will be released quite yet, developers have really stressed the fact that even after gamers purchase and complete the game, they’ll have plenty of content to sink their teeth into. As you may know, Dambuster Studios is a development team brought together specifically for Homefront: The Revolution and filled with employees that have worked on the title throughout its opaque development process so it’s likely that they’ve had some ideas on where they can continue the story in a variety of ways after it releases.